I have been eating what I see when I see it and how I see it LOL

Lets just break this down I’ve been 70 percent healthy on a good day but most of this college life I been having more cheat meals than I should have

Mostly because college is stress me OUT but also because I want to

and now I am trying to find the balance of self control and understand what my body wants to it and what is just me eating because I am stressed out my mind

But this is not about stress eating its about food and particularly snacks because especially in college it is very hard to get away from salty and sugary foods because it is all around you and it is so convenient to eat

And I know everyone has there favorite chocolate, candy, cake, fry food etc… that they can’t live without but we’re having self control right!

So I just want to share some of the items I left myself enjoy even though it is not the healthiest because this lifestyle is about food in moderation and having food that is sustainable

First is chocolate I adore chocolate if I could marry it I honestly would! But chocolate has a done of sugar and eating lots of it is no bueno so I tend to indulge in any chocolate because unless its super dark chocolate it won’t be the healthiest

and I am okay with that because bitter chocolate is the worst (yuck)

My fav right now are the bark thins I am obsessed with the almond, pretzel and blueberry flavors they are too good!

My next little indulge is salsa and chips from the Tostitos brand this has a ton of sodium but the salsa is low in calories so give or take in moderation its actually a good snack I love their lime chips so good!

Last two items are from Trader Joes and me and Trader Joes will always be cool the first thing is specculoos now if you stick to the servings or have 1 or 3 you’ll be alright but having a ton is not that great but again its too good. Cookie butter on toast like who would say no to that (NOBODY exactly)!

And their cluster chocolate almond cereal is unreal so good! Love love loveeeeeeeeee

And those are my few indulgence if you would like to know some of my other favs let me know trust me I love me some snack!

food takes over me !

links are affiliated and image not my own 

Treat yo’self Fridays:

Skin Care: L’oreal Micellar Water 

Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Moisturizer

Hair Care: Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask – 8 oz

Briogeo Rice and Avocado Leave In

Health care: Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture 24 oz, Pack of 3

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer, Fair [15], 1 ea (Pack of 3)

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