I feel like at 21 people feel like they need to have their whole life figured out and that at our early 20s we should know who we are and what we are as soon as we get out of college

And although I feel like we should have a general idea of what we want in the future like a home, wealth family etc..

We do not have to have our lives figured out by 21

It doesn’t even make sense to have our lives figured out by that age cause we don’t even know what we want for breakfast

and if we can’t even figure out our breakfast then our we good enough to figure out our life choices

Possibly not

But if you have figured out what you want to do with your life that’s awesome! I wish everyone could figure it out at  an early age but sometimes we just need to live in the present and let things happen as they come

Don’t pressure yourself to go into a profession you know you do not love and you will not find a benefit in

Life is a process so let the process happen!


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