Everyone gets stress! It’s just the way of life and sometimes its hard not to stress because we have factors like work and school and just about everything that stress us out

And to be completely honest I haven’t figured out how to completely de-stress mostly because I just try to do things in such a quick pace I don’t even have time to think to destress

But I do want to give some tips on de-stressing because I have a couple of habits that have helped me relax and just stop stressing my life so much

First relax life is life we all have a billion things to do and if we would think of all we had to do in a day we would go crazy so instead take things by task do one task at a time and manage it as you can

I feel that is easier for me to do my work when I take task one at a time because I do not feel overwhelmed and also pick one thing to do. You can write a list down of everything you have to do for the day and when your done pick one thing to do a certain time

Next find and write down times to relax. I legit write on my planner that I will do yoga and meditate for 10 minutes. These things should be a priority for you so make it a priority and write it down on a post it or a planner.

Drink some tea and read a book, Do something that allows you to think outside of school or work  or anything else that is stressing you and push through all of that.

I know it sounds a little weird but write down that you will not stress out. Pick a week and make that week the time where you will focus on not a stress. I feel that when I write it down I tend to remind myself not to stress in times where I find myself stressing.

Stressing is just part of our lives but we do not have to stress so don’t relax and enjoy the day.

image not my own

Literally me everyday 

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