Sometimes no actually most times it’s really annoying the expectations that people have on you

including for girls mostly having a boyfriend, their life together and still looking cute without being too much

And these are hard task that require a lot of work that I and most girls would prefer not doing

But I am not saying we can’t do it because we can but we just choose not to because we do not need to

The pressure could come from family and friends but it literally comes from everywhere and it’s just annoying because TBH my life is not together and I don’t have or want a bf and I don’t like putting effort everyday to look cute because who am I

Now I just want to say that this is not targeting anyone in particular its just that sometimes I feel like people think that if you do not have a guy you’re not successful

But honestly I am just trying to get my monies right and mind my business and whenever God wants to give me a guy worth my time then I’ll listen but till then I will not force relationships with someone just because everyone else has a bf

And also most of these relationships that people see on social media or friends or wherever are not going to last because again we’re young and we’re growing and we don’t know what we want

And most of them are staying in these relationships because they are comfortable and that’s cool just don’t pressure me to have anyone

Anyways I will not apologize for this rant because I felt like it was necessary! I am also sleep deprived from all these finals, papers etc…

SO yeah have a great day everyone!!

Image not my own 

Me to Me to Everyone


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