where was the Monday blog and honestly I couldn’t sit down here and tell you where it was because it wasn’t in my brain

But you know it’s the usual LIFE

Anyways I’m coming here on a Tuesday to talk about WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

So lately I’ve noticed that I compare myself to people a bit too much sometimes

now I don’t do this all the time and if were being honest I only do this for two things one is working out/healthy eating and the other is studying/grades etc…

I don’t know if anyone has been in that state of mind where your just comparing everything to everything else or if it’s just me trying to procrastinate and not do my work

Either way sometimes when I study I’ll think how much is so and so studying or do they do this much work and how do they get those grades

and sometimes this is great because you get your work done since its motivating you to work. But other times it can just make you feel like your not doing enough and put you in a really bad state

I say this because sometimes I’ll see other students from my class and I’m thinking how do they know all this information do they even sleep!!!!

And some people are just naturally smart but other people can also have some benefits like not having a job while in college and having fewer classes

AND YES that makes a HUGE difference so I say this all to say do not compare yourself to others in basically everything

You know at what pace and how long you can work best in and only you can push yourself to do the work but don’t overdo yourself because Stacy (made up person) does better than you and contributes more than you because everyone is different

I have a friend that can only study in the morning and that’s what she does she doesn’t study at night because she knows that does not work for her

Now on to working out it’s the same concept we sit or stand there thinking I am going to work out and eat right and feel good and then we see all these youtubers, friends, people etc.. working out and your pumped to go and then you feel bad because you ate a piece of cake the other day

OR you start thinking to yourself but person A went 5 times this week and I’ve only gone two. Again I say this to say you know what works for you. If 2 days of the week works for you do that because itsbetter than doing none or doing 5 and then never doing it again.

And sometimes I do this too where I’m at the gym and I say damn she’s working out super hard I need to do more but then I realize that I am doing as much as I can do at this moment and that is enough.

You know your limits and people already know this information. We sometimes just need to be reminded of them and that is okay.

So if you gone all the way to the bottom and do not want to read this whole thing the two take aways from this is study/work at the pace that works for you and go to the gym eat right do you at the pace that works for you!



Image not my own 


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