SO FOR THE REST OF MARCH AND MAYBE GOING INTO APRIL I wanted to address college fitness

And I know fitness in general is hard but you know whats much harder COLLEGE FITNESS, BEING FIT IN COLLEGE, FIT COLLEGE, COLLEGE = FITNESS

you kind of get the point but yes college fitness is really hard (sometimes) because school likes getting in the way and before you know it your making excuse or simply not going to the gym

NOW I will say no one has to go to the gym it is not a requirement for college BUT you should for your health

Anyways I usually go to the gym around 4-5 times in a week however if I am extremely busy, tired or simply just not up for it I go 3 times a week and this is enough for me whether I go 3 or 5 because I always feel like I did enough

And the biggest thing to getting to do college fitness is priority if you have one test you can still fit your work out routines (this is my schedule some of your classes might be harder so I would not recommend this if you can’t do it) however if you have 2 or even 3 test or 2 or 3 papers due in that same week possibility is that you will not go to the gym or would go less often

And that is fine! College is so crazy and jumbled up that we just assume were suppose to be great at it and balancing out everything but the truth is we suck just like every other college student even the ones that have it “together”

like what does that even mean “your life is together” “your sanity is together” IDK

what I do know is that college fitness is possible and although it took me up to my senior year to figure that out I am super glad I have because it has changed my life and I just want to let you guys know if you write it on your planner or make it a priority you are more likely to go

And you should go cause it can be a great way to destress and everyone needs that in college!!



Image not my own 

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