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SO I just had my spring break and I went to New Orleans where I ate lots and lots of food and not the healthiest stuff but THATS OKAY BECAUSE I’m back on track and I wanted to tell you guys how to get back on track after vacation

Especially when you have been on vacation for more than 3 days I feel like when you come back everything is out of wack and your just like who am I who is this why am I here

SO you went on vacation you came back from eating all that delicious but very unhealthy food and now your thinking to yourself what am I going to do with my life

And I am here to tell you YOUR GOING TO GET BACK ON TRACK BECAUSE SUMMER IS APPROACHING AND we trying to look really cute for the summer

So first if you haven’t already make a grocery list and write down all the meals you will be having so that when you get to the store you can just focus on your list and not at the naughty foods

Decide as soon as your going to get back from your vacation you are going to eat right because if you don’t do this your just going to go back to unhealthy eating and no one wants that

Stick to the meals you decided on and work out on your normal routine. This might take a few days to get used to but as soon as you get back on your routine it’ll feel like normal.

Set a date for a cheat day so that you are not tempted to cheat on your recovery period and stick to it.

As you can see a lot of this is just pre-planning everything but doing it in a way where you’re not just saying that your going to do something and then never do it. A lot of these have actions attached to them.

But, like I said in my previous blog work at your own pace if you can only eat right for right now and not go to the gym that’s better than going to the gym and eating right and then giving up midway.

SO you got this! you can do this and keep telling yourself that you got this because you do !



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