Hellooooo!!! So for those who are reading the title and are like what is petty, what is she saying so petty just means when someone reacts to you rudely because of something you did but petty has many meanings

It could also mean being childish for no reason and for a reason that you think is worth being childish for

Anyways I wanted to talk about this because I feel like as I grow up I see a lot of petty people in my life and I think it’s quite funny because you would think as an adult people would be less rude but thats not the case

SO this will pretty much be short and simply do not be petty! People do not be petty and waste your time on people who do not matter to you or that make your life a living () u can fill in the rest

Do not be petty because someone has a better life then you or does more than you like I say people work at their own pace and you don’t know that person’s life so you do not know whats really going on with them

Petty people get no where and you don’t get anywhere being petty just a minor satisfaction that will go away but you will still remain with the toxic person

People suck, people make mistakes stop judging others, stop comparing yourself to other you will get what you get when you get it at your own time

So just enjoy life and relax!



Image not my own

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