Hello everyone!! I wanted to talk about something that I feel like affects everyone but some people have a hard time facing

Changes not only in school but in relationship, home and health and understanding that changes are okay and there is nothing wrong with changes

SO I usually get bored very easy and tend to always like change but I think when it comes to health and fitness sometimes change can be extremely hard especially when it involves certain aspects

So for example having to change-up my routine is the hardest thing ever for me sometimes because although I like my routine sometimes I can’t go to the gym for an hour… I can only go for 40 minutes and within those 40 or 20 minutes I have to do as much as I can

And that just is UH! but a good challenge if you ever want to try it

Also changing your eating habits is extremely hard it requires so much dedication and work but in the end its worth it and truly makes a difference not only on your mood but also you physique and just your life in general

So lately I’ve been having to be a bit more strict with myself because although I eat so much more healthy than what I use to I still have those days where I eat one too many chocolates or one to many chips

And I do not! beat myself up about it… it’s completely fine and its part of my journey but ya girl has goals to reach

And I also want to address that when you start your fitness journey this will be a finding self-love all the time and knowing that self love is the best love you can give yourself

If you know your great and you have all these good qualities then no one can stop you and self-love has to be constantly reminded and although you wont love yourself all the time you should love yourself most of the time

Anyways change can be hard because especially in fitness we have to face the reality you want to eat a whole bar of chocolate but is that going to help you is that going to get you closer to your goal

Your going to ask yourself questions about why did you start this journey and what does that mean to you and these are some hard questions to ask so remember change is nor good or bad is going to happen just let it

Adios !

Say it for the people in the back!

Image not my own

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