For those who do not know what a “whole snack” means it just means looking really good

Hello!! So I wanted to talk about this because I felt like people should not feel bad about certain things

and one of those things is trying to look your best and trying to have your best life and sometimes people might not want that for you and you have to recognize this and possibly move away from that person if they are part of your life

Now first you have to understand that you already look like a snack and that you will look just as good if not better when you really put your all in your body

You also have to understand that looking like a whole snack takes time and that might be different for different people but you got this!

And you shouldn’t listen to people who might say to you that you are not doing enough or that you are doing too much because that is partially them putting their insecurities on you and partially them hating on you

And its kind of sad because we should all uplift each other especially if were friends/family but sometimes that is not the case and this is when you have to decide if it is worth staying around these people

There is also nothing wrong in completely investing in yourself! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN FULLY INVESTING ON YOURSELF!

No you do not need a boyfriend right now cause all you care about is YOU and all the self-love you have and need

No you do not need all that candy because your concern is trying to look good for the summer, or eating better or getting those extra fruits and veggies in

And that is completely fine! As always do things at your own pace and let the haters go and work on you!!



Image not my own

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