So I was this TED talk and she was talking about where to allocate your time and having to choose your time wisely

and this is mostly because you don’t want to ever be in a situation where you are uncomfortable and could have done something about it

For example, your friends want to go out to the movies but you decided that the movies would be a waste of time and money but your friends make you go anyways and then you resent them and also you just wasted some time and money you can get back

And recently there has been a lot of death and one that hit me really hard was a son of a neighbor of mine who had passed away and he was the same age as me

And reality hit me and although this is corny I thought that we really do have to live our lives to the fullest and even more than that we do have to allocate are time wisely and decide what we want to do

And to be more corny we do have to live in the present and just do things that we won’t regret if we were ever to pass away the next day

So there are two different scenarios where I would say that this applies differently for example the movies I rather be home in my bed then go out with my friends knowing I will not have a good time

In the same way lets say you have this event that can potentially give you a job or give you really good connections

The first thing you should be thinking about is does this benefit me? And if it does then you ask how does it benefit me? Then you think to yourself if I do not go to this event will I regret it… and if your answer is no then you know that if you don’t go you will be indifferent but if you do go you will be satisfied with going

Most of these events in our lives are just a series of do we want to go yes or no and if it’s no then make peace with that and if its yes then make peace with that as well

We have to stop thinking that we HAVE to do things… we don’t HAVE to do anything you have to want it and the sooner you go to events that you WANT to go to the sooner you will realize how much happier you will be

Adioss!! Youu Got This!

Lets just pretend like we do 

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