So it’s been a crazy week as if any other week isn’t crazy but its just been a lot and a lot to do

I am graduating this year and its just a lot so I will be back on track as soon as school ends which is very soon

Anyways I wanted to talk about this topic because I find myself thinking about this a lot and feel like some people can relate

basically I like thinking about the future a lot and I like doing this because it not only makes me excited of the things to come but it also makes me want to get up and achieve my goals or w.e. I am thinking about

BUT sometimes thinking about your past or your future can be detrimental for yourself because not only can it give you really unrealistic expectations on what your suppose to be or not be

But it can also make you think of all the negative things that have happened in your past. And no one wants that

So I am here to say think in the present and live in the present and I know that easier said then done but when you live in the present your much more likely to feel happier then when you live in other tenses

And I know sometimes that can be hard because you want to think about the future or the past or you can’t help it but the first step to fixing it is realizing when you do it

And then stopping yourself or letting it happen for a few minutes and then letting go

Because at the end of the day all we should be living in is the present and worry about what is in the now 🙂

 I just find these so funny

Image not my own

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