So we as humans have this thing where we feel like we have to be on top of our game 24/7 and that we have to be stronger and better than everyone else

And usually we see our friends doing all these things and we think about How do they do it? How can I be more like them?

It’s great to get inspired by your friends but it shouldn’t be something that makes you feel down or makes you feel like your not doing more than they are

EVERYONE works at their own pace and everyone has their own path with their own story and does things at their own time


Yes it might seem like this person does 100 to a million jobs, activities etc.. more than you do but that doesn’t meant that you have to be more of them just because they do

Being on top of our game is knowing what we have to do it and doing it at our own time. if you know that you can not do (x.y.z) right now then don’t

And this isn’t an excuse to be lazy or to just do what you want but its more about do what you can in these 24 hours and do not put yourself down because you did not do one thing for each of those 24 hours

Being productive is great, taking time off is also great and knowing what works best for you is also great because at the end of the day you want to give out good content

And you can’t do that if your forcing yourself to put out content instead of willing doing it

Writing down what you have to do for the day is a great way to figuring out when and how you will do these things

Not only that but it also gives you the ability to reflect on what you have to do in a certain amount of time

I have friends that do 2 activities per day and I have friends who do 7 activities per day and that’s fine because they are all working at their own pace and I know sometimes we feel like we have to keep up and do all that we can

But most times it best to just do what you can within the time you know you work best so for those who are thinking well that doesn’t work for me

Everything in this world happens for a reason, I truly believe that

and everything happens whether you want it to or not so either way you have to like it because it going to happen

SO why not just be okay with what you accomplished and didn’t reflect and do better if not your best when you can next time!


Me every time people say I am not productive enough

Image not my own

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