I wanted to first say I’m sorry for the lack of posting because truly I should have done some more than I did but you know life

And right when I had the energy to do my best and had a plan to working out and looking good for the summer I GET SICK! so yay for that

But its fine because everything happens for a reason and although I don’t know why I had to get sick right this second well now I know this is my life

Anyways today I wanted to talk about fitness and lifestyle and show you guys my pictures and stuff because as soon as I get better I am going back to the gym and I am going to get this fitness goals

So for the past I dont know maybe three weeks or ever since I came back from spring break I’ve been eating like a madman I would probably say I’ve been eating in maintenance calories

And I am completely okay with that because college has been kicking my butt and honestly I just did not have the time or patience to look at my health and also to not make any further excuses its just been life and this is a journey so I am in no rush to lose a ton of fat in a crazy short amount of time

Anyways I am assuming I will be better by Tuesday (HOPEFULLY even earlier than that will be great) But I just wanted to show you guys some progress pictures and also my measurement for accountability

SO I actually got this idea from Grace Fit UK and I really love her videos she talks about a ton of fitness stuff, also what she does to lose or gain weight and overall she’s just funny and super motivating

So her challenge to get shredded already started which was April 16 and goes on to June 11  and since I am sick I will start my own kind of challenge April 24 until June 11

I will be telling you guys how many times I work out through the week roughly what I am eating and also just show you people who motivate me and my experience with this journey

I also take pictures weekly and I am still deciding whether or not I will be weighing myself weekly too

So my measurements are:

Hips 40

under hips 42

Waist 33

Chest 33

Thighs 26

Arms 12

This is me now 🙂 

But yeah! Hope you guys will each this mini series :))

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