I apologize for my corniness!

SO week 1 is over and it has been insane and to say the least a lot has changed and like most of my fitness journey I have learned some things and changed some things up so

First I got really sick last week and it gave me some time to reflect on my fitness journey and just remind myself why I did this in the first place and why I love to do what I do. Which was great because in some ways I was losing that but also I feel like I need that time to be in maintenance calories and regroup.

SO that was great I was good and ready partly on Tuesday to start my 8 weeks of getting back on it and although I still have a stuffy nose I did some light work outs to pump up my body but to also start slowly transitioning back to working out

It was great I felt good and I felt like I did as much as I could within that time. I also ate healthy and gave myself one small dessert I usually eat Justins chocolate hazelnut spread and that satisfies my sweet cravings.

Also wayyyy before Tuesday I started to incorporate walking and going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or taking the bus to places. And I got this idea from Sarah’s Day on Youtube and it’s just a great way to incorporate more exercise and activity in your day.

Wednesday I decided to change-up my routine and I decided to stop counting calories. And one reason for doing this is not because I became to obsessive with calorie counting but I just think it was too much for me. It just felt to restricted and restrained like I had one number I had to eat everyday.

Instead I like the idea of intuitive eating and just roughly looking at what I was eating and so far I really like this and can see myself continuing to do this.

Also I increased my workout a bit on Wednesday and I felt like death afterwards but it was so good to getting back to working out. I also worked out in my room on Tuesday and wed cause I sounded like a horse with my breathing.

I reminded myself on Wednesday that everything is a process and I just need to trust the process and that I WANT A SLOW PROCESS because I want my body to adjust to what I am changing


Thursday I had a really good work out I actually went to the gym and did about 30 min of cardio and 30 min of weight and trust me when I say that is a lot for someone who still is breathing out of one nostril. But I felt great to finally run again and lift some weights.

I also discovered this really good protein bar it’s called NuGo and its vegan! and its does not have dates. I don’t really have a problem with dates buttt I get tired of them so I like switching up my protein bars all I am trying to ween off of dairy so I would just prefer bars that did not have dairy.

I tried their NuGO Dark and although the sugar is a bit high about 14g I didn’t really mind that and if you are worry about that they do have like bars with less sugar. But what really sold me was that it was covered with chocolate and it was so good and it just made me happy.
Because I’ve been trying to find healthy alternatives to chocolate and although I do like dark chocolate I can’t do like 70 and 80% (those are usually ones that do not have dairy)

I also tried the ALOHA bars and those were good as well they do have dates though so I warned you!

Friday I had work and then I went straight to the gym. I did about an hour today and it was great I did 30 min on the treadmill I usually just alternate what I do on the treadmill but most of the time im on an incline at 3.8 speed. I then did glutes and legs today only 30 min and then I finished off by running around the track twice.

I ate an egg and an apple this morning then I had a protein bar and I think for dinner I’ll make a stir fry and for lunch ill either have a salad or a protein smoothie or both who knows.

This week I worked out 4 days out of the week. Next week I am pushing to do 5 days out of the week. I decided to weight myself every two weeks and measure myself every month so stay tune for that!

I am just going with the flow trying to intuitive eat and slowly increase my workouts as I get better. I understand that it is a process it might take me years to be where I want to be but I know I’ll get there and I’ve come so far from where I was months ago. Comment your thought and come along for next weeks update. Adioss!

Also follow my twitter if you would like to see all the snack goodies I buy !

My sports bra and my leggings are from Forever 21


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