Whole food antics my roommate dropped her tea 



HELLOOO EVERYONE! Happy monday or sad monday depending on your mood

SO for this weekend I had some indulgences as you can see from the title also for anyone who is new I post every Monday and Friday so join the Fam!

So Saturday I was pretty good I made from stir fry(healthier) and I did some work while also doing my daily squats

However I went out as we all do in life and I had a slice of pizza and some garlic knots although I enjoyed both of them very much I was feeling a little bad that I ate them just cause I work so hard during the week only to perhaps mess it up during the weekend

BUT then I realized I have to own everything I do including the thing that I eat and I wanted the pizza so I’m going to have it because one I am not perfect and two if I want the pizza I will have it because we are trying to prevent binge eating

GREAT and then as the day went on I also had a milky way which I also enjoyed very much I still decided that if I crave it I want it and its fine to eat what you want when you want. You just have to be in control of your decisions and acknowledge that you ate it

safe to say I was really okay with this and I understand even while we are trying to get fit we are going to have set backs but I remind you this is a lifestyle change

You can’t change all your bad habits in one day and also junk food is really good so if you want a piece have it. This takes time just trust the process

Then Sunday came along and I went out again. I got my nails done for senior ball and I got some grocery. Promise all healthy stuff and I went and got some nachos and I also ate a cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and again I am okay with this decision and I understand that this was all me

But the difference here is that back them Melanie would’ve gotten unhealthy or not so wise food while going grocery shopping whereas this brand new melanie (reinventing herself everyday) got all healthy and indulge friendly snacks SO yes to that

And that I’ve decided that I am going to do even better for week 2 and that’s all that it takes is you deciding that even though you’ve made mistakes you’re going to do better for yourself

And since I’ve been feeling better not 100% but better I decided I’ll go to the gym for 5 days because that’s usually what I do

I’m super excited for that and even though I indulge I still love my body and I still see the past pictures of myself and see the long way I’ve come from and I love that I decided months ago to change my life for the better

My meals for monday will probably be an egg 2 Ezekiel bread and an apple for breakfast, for lunch some spring rolls(home-made) and made my stir fry for dinner

I usually like to mentally meal prep so I am focused on what I am eating and its also less stress on me

For snacks I’ll have a protein bar and some popcorn winning!

I also will drink lots and lots of water!! This is essential

Also I know some of my products are not dairy free again I am not perfect, I am a struggling college student but I always strive to buy dairy free products which is the goal.

Thanks for hearing me ramble and come back for week 2 results YAY! Adios!


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