SO! Its week 2 and can I just say how quick the days and weeks go by anyways

Week 2 WEEK 2

welp Monday was good I ate what I said I would and I made sure to go to the gym. I had a ton of energy so ya girl went a bit hard

But that is not far from the norm I always try to push myself

However Tuesday came along and I don’t know why I have this thing about Tuesdays and I indulge AGAIN

but its okay remember process, this is a process we can’t be perfect we can just try to do better

Anyways I had McDonald’s. I got some fries and a frapp and both were yummy but also I had some chocolate mid day

I’m honestly just so easy to be persuaded with food when my friends want some too but also I hadn’t ate dinner and I knew I should have so there’s that

But its fine I’m back and better going to have a good breakfast today(as it is Wednesday right now when I am typing this) going to the gym and then going to senior ball. I’ll try to get pics

And yeah so I did a second thing and that was weighing myself before my actual weigh in and I don’t know why I did this I mean I do I just wanted to see if there was any change but I know there wouldn’t be

Either way least to say their wasn’t I weigh a solid 169.8 and I am okay with that cause the food I just ate did not make me gain anything

But yes I decided that instead of doing this and possibly getting discouraged along the way I’ll jus do my weigh in on week 8

I also post all my snacks on twitter and what I thought of them but all of them were winners this week. I also post mini workout videos and my fitness on instagram so follow me there too if you wish 🙂

I think also once my graduation outfit gets here I’ll be more incline to just focus on the gym and eating right

And I was also looking at this post and it basically said that we always kind of forget how far we’ve come from anything and its true my body has transformed so much and so has my mindset

If you would have told me 7 months ago I would be eating all these veggies I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy

I am also more aware now of what I eat and most importantly I work out! I probably would of laughed too if you told me I would be working out and especially working out with weighs

SO I’m happy and I’m happy with my journey and I will continue!

Wednesday was a day for me so I usually have more free time for Wednesday but I had this stress over me because final and although I did well in the morning I also forgot I had a senior ball

I was super stress so when I also went to the gym I was stressing but I overall did a good workout and slowly as my sinuses get better I’ll push for more time at the gym but today I did an hour

Even in the senior ball though I feel like I did well I ate food with veggies fruits and had a bit of desert not too much though because honestly the dairy was too much for my stomach

When I came back though because honestly the food was not the best I had a subway sandwich with a veggie patty it was actually really good and much-needed

But yeah THURSDAY is here and let me tell you I just have these days (maybe everyday) where I want to weigh myself and I hate relying on the scale for progress but I think today it was more about just seeing a number

So I weighed myself and nothing changed so I measured myself because I just wanted to see if any progress was made and guys I lost about half an inch on my waist and hips and to me that is good enough

This is week two and I am not expecting like 8 pounds down and 6 inches off my waist but these small changes do help, I also see that my clothes do fit better and I just can not wait for week 8 to come to see all the progress I’ve made

So yes now forreal I vow to not weigh myself or measure myself till week 8 and I will not let numbers define me! My ultimate goal is to be healthy

So today I ate eggs with Ezekiel bread and strawberrys and then I had starbucks TWICE because I am done with undergrad classes and also the weather was SUPER nice I had a caramel frap, strawberry acai and a croissant

I then had a clif protein bar and for dinner I had spring rolls

Today I was doing a lot of research on finding an alternative to counting calories and I found one! I will tell you more about later on I want to try it first and see if it works for me!

But yeah thursday was really good sun out bums out and I did not go to the gym today but thats okay I might just go Saturday instead and I’m excited for the rest of the week and to finally graduate !IMG_1430


SO its FRIDAYY im officially done with undergrad YAYYYYY!!! woot woot !

So I woke up and I didn’t have the greatest amount of energy but I still got up and fixed my room and cleaned my bed and that was a good start to my day

Ate my usually breakfast went to work and then went to the gym

Went super hard today at the gym I did the elliptical for 30 min and then did weight for the remainder of the time I didn’t really focus on anything today I just did whatever I felt like doing (I’ve possibly might of done 2 hours at the gym I am not sure)

Came back and had some popcorn and some water(much need)

And later on in the day I will be doing some yummy spring rolls. I honestly think this is going to be my new favorite thing to eat so get ready!

And yeah I feel super excited and energetic and ready to go !

So I just did a mini video clip of me doing some abs workouts since for the first time in a while the gym was pretty empty. It is not the best since I basically was using my phone but yeah I always take rest in between sets. My body just performs better that way.

I usually do Russian twist, seated knee tucks, scissor and leg lifts. I do 3 sets of 10-15 reps with a 30 sec rest

Enjoy your weekend guys! Thank god for the good weather


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