It has been quick a week and it is only going to get crazier but I will still be working out and eating right and I hope you do to! Well I’ll try my best!

Anyways the weekend was something else and I really do not know why. I just think its the fact that finals week is really approach its basically here now and I have so much to do and I haven’t even made a dent on my workload but hey that is life.

SO Friday night I had some spring rolls for dinner they were so good! And yes you will see when I like something I just consistently eat it because who would I be if I didn’t

So yeah I made some spring rolls and then I think I ate half a protein bar and went to bed. I believe the protein bar I ate that day was NuGO I was craving something sweet so I picked that up

Saturday I had absolutely no energy BUT I still got up and I got my butt to clean my room and work out

I did a short time-lapse as proof but also as a record and to also motivate you guys to get up and work out

I pretty much ate the same thing I eat everyday I had eggs and bread in the morning, then a protein bar. For lunch I believe I had some fruits and I had a really big meal I got some tropical smoothie. I got the sunrise sunset smoothie and I got the Caribbean jerk chicken(no chicken). And I had no idea they had beyond meat chicken at Tropical Smoothie!!

You will never understand how happy I was! Or maybe you would I don’t know but basically every time I go out I can’t get any fake meats because they do not carry it in the restaurant but they do

SO *Uncle CLAP* for Tropical Smoothie anyways I was so full from that meal that I basically just ate a protein bar after that and I was good to go

Sunday I had a bit of an emergency so I didn’t really have a choice on what I was going to eat besides the morning

I had some eggs and Ezekiel bread as usual with some avocado. Then I came home and I had some chipotle I got sofritas of course and no cheese not even sour cream and you guys will never know the love I have for sour cream but I couldn’t do it.

Made healthy choices though had lost of veggies in there and got brown rice instead of white.

After that I had a protein bar I usually go for the clif bars or the NuGo bars. It’s so real I brought my protein bars back home.

Then we stop by a store I was a bit hungry so I had some pita chips and half a bag of M&Ms I gave the other half to my friend. And I think that’s just the thing you can have what you want just in moderation.

Which reminded me of something to as soon as I got home I knew there was cake because it was my moms bday a few days ago and I B-lined to the refrigerator to get some

Now before I did this one I knew I was going to eat cake because come on its cake two I also know I would not eat the whole slice and instead just take half but I even took less than that because I was pretty satisfied with two bites

As long as you know what your eating and how much and know that you are able to stop at any point then you can basically eat everything.

SO yeah I hope you guys all have a good day and Adios!

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