Hello everyone and good day! How was your weekend/week your life the dog and your kids??

I haven’t had the best week besides doing my nails (a little pampering don’t hurt no one)

Also sorry for the late response

SO I am not going to make excuses for myself this is life and life isn’t stable no matter how much you want it to be and life especially isn’t stable when you’re in college and your about to graduate and you have finals and you have to be an adult in T minus 8 days

But I know that big things await me and I know that I can do this although being a semi adult is more fun

Anyways I say this all to say that this week in terms of working out and eating was not the best certainly not the worst and I just wanted to let everyone know that no one is perfect and we all go through stuff so yeah

I had to go home on monday and Tuesday which was so much fun! (not really) but the decision to workout and even study was so very hard when you are home anyways I did get my intake of veggies and fruit and carbs and all that…. so…. mindful eating here people

Tuesday I came back to school and I went to the gym it felt so good after not working out for like 4 days so I was pretty happy about that. I ate pretty clean and just study the rest of the day

Wednesday and Thursday were my days I had a lot of stress on me and usually when I am stress I eat and so I ate junk food. I ate them for snack and ordered out both days and I did this one because I was too tired to cook and also I was to stress to cook.

I did a 15 minute workout on Wednesday and Thursday I did a home workout. Me strugging like always with my messy room sorry not sorry.

And again I am not making excuses for myself I am just trying to show you guys the reality of life and how even though you can plan to eat clean it doesn’t always work out that way

ON the plus side I had some really good breakfast and lunches made some protein pancakes that kind of turned into porridge

Friday I had some protein pancakes and an egg in the morning, I then had a granola bar and then I went to the gym. I don’t know why people have this thing about asking you how many sets you have let when using a machine.

Am I the only one thats bothered by that. I’m not so much bothered with that exactly but more when they ask you how many sets and then hover over you as if that’ll make you do your sets fasters.

MMm perhaps not.

Anyways I came back I had some starbucks I just had a matcha soy latte and two pieces of chocolate and also a slice of pizza. Sue me maybe not

SO two things I learned this week:

  1. You can’t feel guilty for eating foods that you like including junk food, you’re going to mess up its okay keep going keep going you will get to your goals. DO NOT knock yourself down because you ate the junk food that you really wanted. It foods that’s all that it is and you do not have to feel guilty about eating it.
  2. I watch this girl on Youtube Olivia Vargus check her out she’s very inspirational and she said something that really hit the core. She said sometimes when you’re in your head and you don’t want to look too hard at scale numbers (im summarizing) or calories remember that it take 3,500 calories more than your maintenance calories to gain a pound

Now when we think of that is a lot of MORE calories you would need to consume to gain a pound and that just put my mind at full ease because I know this week for scientific fact I did not eat 3,500 calories MORE then my maintenance calories

I also know that I am allowed to eat all types of food besides what I happily removed from my diet (meat and dairy) because I will not restrict myself

Because if I restrict I’ll eventually binge and I don’t want to do that I want something that is sustainable

So yes I hope this puts some people’s minds at ease 🙂

I also want to say before I go that I will be putting out more content as soon as finals ends and that I will get back to my full effect groove as soon as finals ends as well

Also you guys should check out Kristee Vetter on youtube she motivates me a ton!!

Because finals has been really killing me but I’m pushing through for anyone who is taking finals good luck! And Congrats to all the graduates!! Woop Woop!


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