SO in college you will be spending a lot of money

My recommendation, if your parents cannot afford to give you a monthly allowance is to get a job

Get A Job

Now I know balancing school and all these other aspects of life is hard but it is also very necessary

I wanted to make this post just to show you guys whether your new to college, passing by or want to compare where most of my monies goes to

Per paycheck I get around 200 or so every two weeks

First and probably where most of money goes to is food

YES FOOD because while I do live on campus the food here is crappy and I live in a kitchen dorm so I do not require a meal plan

Usually I would say within a month I spend around $200-300 on food which seems like a lot because it is.

This includes about $100-150 on groceries because eating healthy is a bit more expensive and usually this will last me 2 weeks or so

Then the rest is spent on outside food when I do not have time to cook and my tremendous amounts of runs to Starbucks

Even with my runs to Starbucks I still spend less money then I would if I had a meal plan

If you have an option to get rid of your meal plan and are willing to put the time in making your food DO IT! If it’ll ultimately cost you less

Thennnn everything else is pretty much spent on makeup or leggings(I buy lots of leggings usually from forever or H&m) this probably will only be once a month or once every two months

I know its sad but I just don’t have the money to shop

I also spend about 10 bucks or so on cleaning supplies (my suite-mates and I split cleaning supplies)

And then there is the unexpected spending like very soon I will have to get a new computer charger because mine is holding on to its dear life and my camera on my computer is messed up

Now every month or so there is also a birthday and with that comes gifts I tend to spend 20-40 dollars on the person depending

I also had to buy some school items that cost me about 20 dollars

SO yea that is all tell me your experiences with money, how you splurge and what you spend most on

Thanks for coming by!

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IN THE MORNING: College Supplies List

Now I know if your a freshman you might be thinking I need all this stuff and I have to buy x y and z

BUTTTTTTT I’m here to lessen your worries

I have a list for you that’ll blow your mind and I promise you this is all you will need for college (pinky swear)

Now some of these items might change depending on what you prefer but more likely then not this will be all you’ll need to survive your 4, 5, or 6 classes

I want to tell you guys and gals a back story about how I got to this list; I promise its short

So in my freshman year I forgot to staple a paper before class started and if you know professor you will know that they do not like the corner folded and will probably not even accept your paper

Knowing this I ran to every classroom and friend asking them for a stapler to which everyone told me they did not have one

Eventually I found one and saved myself of having to look at the professor with a staple-less paper but I realized and almost scarily realized I needed a stapler

I eventually realized over the years too that I did not need as much notebooks as I thought I did and I prefer instead typing on my laptop

SOO on to this list now like I said things might be interchangeable or not needed but thats up to you and how you like to go to school

I will also say this is just whats in my bag so this will include some beauty and other items that are in my bag.

College Supplies List:

  1. Backpack or Purse– personally I have a big purse from forever 21(not the exact one but similar) there are also these two (zara1,zara2) that look very similar to mine. I tend to carry a big bag because I have lots of stuff
  2. Pens, pencils, highlighter (one or two) and for a little splurge nice color pens
  3. A PLANNER I put these in capital letters because a planner has saved my life and they’re just BOMB. I got mine off of amazon  but this is there website also bloomdailyplanner.
  4. 5 Subject Notebook-I kid you not this will last you the whole year. I prefer using a computer most times but sometimes you just need a notebook or professors do not like laptops out.
  5. I also have a makeup bag where I put my pads and lipsticks pretty much everyday essentials. Here are a few that are super cute bag1 and bag2 .
  6. a STAPLERR– yass yeah its essential get it. You could save a college kids like I got mine from the dollar store and with a stapler you need staples too.
  7. Phone and computer charger– soo many times when I needed it and it wasn’t there
  8. Folders and Post its– I lived off of these one year and survived but the reality is you need folders and post its.
  9. small umbrella- Too many times has it rained and I have had zero umbrella. I got mine from target heres a few umbrella1(my umbrella it has bad reviews but I love it have had no problems with it),umbrella2 and umbrella3
  10. mints wipes and aleve– Mints can wake you up from a boring class, wipes for when you have to go number 2 in school(mine are from costco) OR you just need them and Aleve because you never know when your going to get a headache and if your a girl cramps
  11. WATER BOTTLE this is ESSENTIAL you will always need water and its good to have id your parched I usually just get a pack of nestle pure life water from Walmart but you can also get a water bottle from target swell1 and swell2.

BTW all my school supplies I got from Walmart

My bag
This is my bag for school with my very messy desk
So this is my list if you would like to see a whats in my bag let me know I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!

Side Note: Curly Hair Troubles

So this is a random post hence the side note

And today since I have some time off I just wanted to talk about my curly hair

Recently I’ve been using my regular hair products that I adore but I felt like I needed something new

I am thinking about trying some other products out in order to see what works best for me since the weather is changing

My sister has been using the Briogeo hair products and she loves them

I have sneaked in some of her products as well and I adore them and am thinking of purchasing a couple of products from their avocado line

I’ve also heard the ApHogee and Ovation products are really good so I might try those as well

I usually wear my hair out or in a bun or braids so I always need frizz control products

I also want to buy a treatment for hair growth but I’m unsure which to buy.. any suggestions? I was thinking of getting some curly hair extensions (we will see) because sometimes I just want my hair to have some length

My hair is very prune to frizz which is why I constantly change up my products


This is my hair on the second day

I LOVE my frizz but sometimes I want it tame :))))

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading my rambles !


So this is a more serious topic and will probably be one of the more serious ones in my college edition

But I do feel like I need to talk about this topic because although college is great and experience so much in that time; some of these experiences are not always positive

And I feel like people don’t like talking about these experiences

And I want people that have had these experience maybe while they were in college or they had it at work or anywhere knows that they can ask for help and that its okay to not know what to do

I personally went through a lot of negative things in college that all shaped me as a person. I first lost friends that I thought I would have for a lifetime and thought maybe I did something wrong. But, ultimately I figured out this is just how life works.

Loss of sleep was such a big thing because it really can mess with your body and also not sleeping at around the same time everyday. I, like many college students, do not sleep my full 8 hours and also do not sleep at the same time everyday. This made me even more tired, gave me more headaches and just made me unhealthier.

Combined with loss of sleep I gained weight and it was more like freshman 50. And although gaining weight wasn’t the biggest issue, what was the biggest issue was that I was not eating right. Most of the time I would find myself ordering out and eating junk food. This lead me to what I self diagnosed as gastritis and let me tell you it is not fun. Vomiting and feeling nauseous with belly pain is the WORST. To the point that it makes you not want to eat because your scared you will vomit what you just ate or won’t be able to sleep.

Some people lose weight because they forget to eat and that can be scary too.

I had minor anxiety and depression while in college. Although it wasn’t severe it was still there and it was kind of scary sometimes because it can take over your life. Sometimes I didn’t want to get out of bed and not cause I needed more hours of sleep(because I do) but because I just felt like why should I. And I know other college students such as myself who deal with these same issues.

Now last but not least college can get you addicted to drug or alcohol. I personally decided to stay away from these thing for the better of my health but I know others that use it. And it all depends why you do it and how much you consume… but most times its because your out and about in a party or you need an extra boost to get you to pull your all nighter. I’ve heard people taking adderall to make them focus and I’ve also heard of people drinking because they’re depressed.

Now I just want to say that there are always resource on college campus to help you out with any of these issues SO pleasee reach out if you need it. There are health centers, hotlines or even asking a friend for help.

ALSO I want to say the college experience is not always bad!! Its not and you will meet so many people that’ll make it better. I’ll also write a post of the positives of college. College is just an experience of life and its a roller coaster but its worth it.

BE the healthiest you can be and treat your body righht!! See ya!


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IN THE MORNING: How To Minimize

When you go to college especially when you first start off you feel like you need everything

You want to be the most prepared and you also do not want to spend your own money for things that your parents could of bought you

However, as you go into your sophomore and junior year of college you will realize that all the things you brought you did not need

For example, you bring 20 shirts but wear the same three shirts everyday because why not? so why do you need the other 17…..and don’t feel attack because this is exactly what I do but then I learned that minimizing would help we organize my things better and be able to pack less stuff

My suggestion to you is out of those 20 shirts for example pick ten that you really like and these should include long sleeve, short sleeve, summer and winter shirts and going out shirts. Pick pants that you would wear in the next month.

If you are like me and you do not go home often packing your winter clothes is essential! My mindset whenever I pack for college is would I wear this in the next month and if the answer is yes I take it and if its no I throw it out or I donate it.

I also believe that if you buy an item of clothing then one in your closet has to go and this helps you minimize and eliminate any clothing that you will not wear. One in One out

You can have this same mindset with shoes and other articles of clothing that you might not wear or needs to be changed.

Minimizing can help get rid of the junk but can also help you see what you need for school. Overall it’ll help you know your comfy clothes from your going out clothes. So if you contemplating on minimizing DO IT!


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HELLOOO and Good Morning!

ms-hzhbgP.gif(image from Imessage Giphy)

I recently went on a mini food shopping to get some snacks and other items I needed. All these are near and dear to my heart and I honestly wish I would of bought more but Oh well! All these products are vegan/vegetarian!!

One of these products was sent out to me as sample which I am very grateful for because it is one of my favorite teas. Also I just want you guys to know that I am 100% honest about all my products whether it be from my own purchase or samples.


So since I am on this topic these are the Traditional Medicinals teas. They are bomb and I’ve been buying these teas for quick a while (usually will get them at Whole Foods or Stop and Shop). Again these were sent out to me as sample but none the less my love for them is equal. I’ve been drinking one of these everyday especially since I had a bad cold. Its definitely helped relieve my sinuses up. My go-tos right now are nettle leaf, tulsi with ginger and turmeric. However, I love all of them these are just my favs for now. My roommates have also been taking my teas and they are in love with the mountain tea and roasted dandelion roots.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Nowwwww these are my snacks YAYYYYY I will already tell you I have gone through the whole bag of plantain chips and snickerdoodles. Sorry not sorry. All these items are from Trader Joes including the fruit sauce crushers and the social snack crackers. I love these so much I discovered the Fruit sauce crushers when I bought some from my brother and the proceeded to eat them all. They like different flavored apple sauce but in a pouch.

The plantain chips taste like plantain chips that is all. The snickerdoodles have a perfect amount of cinnamon however these are very soft so if your not into that texture don’t buy it! The Social Snack Crackers are to die for they remind me of the keeber club crackers but almost healthier LOL they might not be but lets pretend.


I’ll be honest with you like always I haven’t tried this out yet mostly because my salad gone bad BUT when I get some salad I’ll try it out and let you know!! Also I know the Just Mayo is good so this should be just as good.


GIRLLLLLLLL I have been craving ramen for so long! And being sick made me want soup even more! But with school and work I didn’t want to make soup from scratch so I bought some. I got these from Whole Foods and they are the Dr. McDougalls Ramen.Lets just say they’re so good I have to restock!


Last Snack/Dessert Item more like a treat for me is these DF Mavens Key Lime Ice Cream I tried it out in Whole Foods and instantly fell in love. Guilty I’m like half way through the container.

WELP that is all I hope you enjoyed and if you want to see more of these comment below because I honestly enjoy this LOL.

Have a great day!!

IN THE MORNING: Things You Thought You Didn’t Need for College

So I’ve been thinking about how I have progressed in my packing and buying skills for college

Since I live on campus there are some things that you might not think about when you get to school but might be essential to you

Things that You MIGHT need for school:

  • Laundry Bag– I feel like this is a given unless your campus is close to home and you can do your laundry at home
  • Dryer Sheets and Softener– So my dryers and washers in school sucks and although I live an hour away from home I do have to take the train and taking the train with a laundry bag is no fun. For whatever reason my school dryers make your clothes smell like burnt clothes so to avoid that I use dryer sheets. I also use softener because my schools washers are trash.
  • Good Sheets and a Good TOWEL– Now I am not saying to spend 100 dollars on sheets and towels but getting a good towel and sheets can save you money in the long run since they won’t tear and will stay intact.
  • TO GO Clothes– There are going to be those days when you don’t know what to wear(this is me everyday) or you just pick whatever you find so have lots of basics shirts, pants, sweats that you can just grab and go.
  • Air Freshener– We all do number 2 and if your eating well it can smell sometimes so just have some fragrances or freshener to help I like Febreeze but Pop-purri is by far my favorite.
  • Extra Storage– If you have a lot of products or you just like bring extra stuff because you rather be over prepared then under (guilty) then you’ll need extra storage and getting some can actually give you some space in your dorm.

That is all! I hope you enjoy and hope you have a great day!


Food Haul College Edition YAYYYY

So recently I’ve been going on a vegan/vegetarian transition so the haul that you will see is pretty healthy

All the stuff is vegan (yass) and all I went to was trader joes and whole foods. These are just option for you if your struggling to get some food and do not know whats more accessible and whats convenient

I am currently a senior now YAYYY so I have 3 years of experiences buy food for college and I am all about buying convenient but also very tasty food

So on the door of my fridge I got some Lemons, soy cheese, kiwis, cold press the watermelon one cashew butter some Theraflu and so daiya ranch. Everything besides the theraflu and the ranch sauce are from trader joes. The ranch is actually from whole foods and the theraflu I got it in Rite aid.

Inside my fridge on the bottom I have two bags of mixed greens one its like mango and greens.The second shelf I have mushrooms, ketchup, tofu and sweet chili sauce. All of this is from Trader Joes. The BBQ sauce is from whole foods. The top shelf I have all the way in the back butter that I got in whole foods. Then I got some apples and 100% multigrain bread from Trader Joes.

Now moving along to the fridge I jus have some microwaveable pad thai, breakfast patties and sweet potatoes frites yay all from Trader Joes and all so good.

On the tops of my fridge I haveeee Nutritional yeast, potatoes, garlic, pineapples, tangerines, jasmine rice, almond breeze milk and chocolate almond breeze milk all of these I got from trader joess. Oh and some aloe veraa that I got from my local market.

And LAST I got some avocado oil and everything bagels from Costco, I recommend this because avocado oil is expensive. Some old fashion oats, small potatoes, DECAF green tea, smoked paprika, onion salt and chile lime spices all from Trader Joes. I got the tabasco sauce and Himalayan salt from Walmart.

SOoo all this can last you for about two weeks, this one was a bit longer with more things because I just got back to school so I needed condiments and spice etc…

Like I said most of these foods are healthy and can last you. None of the cooking would take you more then 30 minutes and you’ll be satisfy. If you would like me to show you what I eat in a day or how I make this last for two week let me know!

I’ll do a whole other blog on snack because that is near and dear to my heart. Adioss πŸ™‚



Mirrors are an essential even if it means you only have one in your home

I have several but thats my preference anywayssss if you are looking for mirrors that are both affordable and lovely then look no further

Today ill be looking at mirrors that are full body because I think a person should have at least one of those and yeah hope you enjoy

Target Edition:

(All these mirrors are from Target website(including pictures)and no I am not sponsor but hey Target I see you)

  1. The first mirror is called Cheval Standing Mirror 59.5″ H – Ore International and retails for 51.99 super cute for the bedroom.
  2. The second mirror is called Rectangle beaded door Mirror Silver and I just notice its has beading which is even better and retails for 50.99.
  3. The third mirror is called Rectangle Desmond Leather Floor Mirror Ivory and it retails for 269.99 so not so affordable also I just notices theres a sale for home goods in target.
  4. The fourth mirror is called Over the Door Metal Mirror Brass and retails for 37.99. Love this mirror!
  5. The fifth and final (and also most expensive) mirror is called Rectangle Daniel Floor Mirror Gold -Howard Elliot and retails for a steeping 689.90. But is so nice that if you got it then get it!

And that is all thanks for hanging around and looking at these beautiful mirrors and don’t forget to Comment, Like, Share, Follow and see ya. πŸ™‚

Also sorry that 2/5 were not so affordable

Also sorry that I cheated and put a home good into the month of September but just to let you guys know the Month of September will be the College Edition YAYTATATATY!!



Side Notes: Loans


Why are student loans a thing ? Why must I go to college? Questions and Questions….

Also I just wanted to say I’ve been having a good day today although it is quite ugly outside BUT that will not change my mood

Also I hope everyone else has a good day

ALSO (last one promise) If anyone is wonder why I post these memes up mostly its just cause I find the relatable or funny or it makes my day and I like sharing things like this with you guys


If anyone would like to donate to pay off my student loans even if its a dollar that would be greatly appreciated and I hope God will multiple your funds by three


Also if your just here to look at my blogs and laugh at the memes then thats cool too and I appreciate that as well πŸ™‚

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