I ate like crap! 

I ate like crap this whole week and went to the gym and didn’t regret it 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

It was a crappy week with crappy days and crappiness involved (sorry for the overuse of crappy)

But it was and I just didn’t feel motivated to eat right enough 

So I gave in and ate Starbucks and ate candy because halloween (is close) and ate outside food like three time this week

And I want to be honest because even though I talk about healthy eating that is not always what I do 

And sometimes I write to you guys and myself in order to remind myself of why I eat healthy 

 But this week was just a lot 

And I think I needed the crappy eating because I truly feel now like I can start eating right again 

It’s a roller coaster there will be lots of ups and downs but getting to a healthier you is possible 

Failing is bad and honestly sometimes it’s needed

I love working out and going to the gym it’s been a routine 

I’ve been so motivated to go but I also love food and I find comfort in it when I’m stressed 

And college is stressful so I eat LOL 

And I am okay

And I’ll continue to exercise and choice healthier options and eat better

And look at myself and see all the pretty parts of me 

Cause I do see change and I do feel better

So I am okay with a crappy week because I know a better one will come 🙂 

Has nothing to do with my post but I found it so funny


So this is a more serious topic and will probably be one of the more serious ones in my college edition

But I do feel like I need to talk about this topic because although college is great and experience so much in that time; some of these experiences are not always positive

And I feel like people don’t like talking about these experiences

And I want people that have had these experience maybe while they were in college or they had it at work or anywhere knows that they can ask for help and that its okay to not know what to do

I personally went through a lot of negative things in college that all shaped me as a person. I first lost friends that I thought I would have for a lifetime and thought maybe I did something wrong. But, ultimately I figured out this is just how life works.

Loss of sleep was such a big thing because it really can mess with your body and also not sleeping at around the same time everyday. I, like many college students, do not sleep my full 8 hours and also do not sleep at the same time everyday. This made me even more tired, gave me more headaches and just made me unhealthier.

Combined with loss of sleep I gained weight and it was more like freshman 50. And although gaining weight wasn’t the biggest issue, what was the biggest issue was that I was not eating right. Most of the time I would find myself ordering out and eating junk food. This lead me to what I self diagnosed as gastritis and let me tell you it is not fun. Vomiting and feeling nauseous with belly pain is the WORST. To the point that it makes you not want to eat because your scared you will vomit what you just ate or won’t be able to sleep.

Some people lose weight because they forget to eat and that can be scary too.

I had minor anxiety and depression while in college. Although it wasn’t severe it was still there and it was kind of scary sometimes because it can take over your life. Sometimes I didn’t want to get out of bed and not cause I needed more hours of sleep(because I do) but because I just felt like why should I. And I know other college students such as myself who deal with these same issues.

Now last but not least college can get you addicted to drug or alcohol. I personally decided to stay away from these thing for the better of my health but I know others that use it. And it all depends why you do it and how much you consume… but most times its because your out and about in a party or you need an extra boost to get you to pull your all nighter. I’ve heard people taking adderall to make them focus and I’ve also heard of people drinking because they’re depressed.

Now I just want to say that there are always resource on college campus to help you out with any of these issues SO pleasee reach out if you need it. There are health centers, hotlines or even asking a friend for help.

ALSO I want to say the college experience is not always bad!! Its not and you will meet so many people that’ll make it better. I’ll also write a post of the positives of college. College is just an experience of life and its a roller coaster but its worth it.

BE the healthiest you can be and treat your body righht!! See ya!


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IN THE TEMPRANO: New Beginnings 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that most times we can’t control what happens to us 

BUT we can control how we react to these things 

NOW I wanted to make this short but very informative because let’s be honest sometimes reading long article,blogs journals etc.. is a lot so bare with me 

This summer has taught me a lot about myself and although it’s not completely over yet I thought reflecting midway would be a good idea 

Now I’m not perfect and I make mistakes all the time but I always try to improve myself and make myself to be the best version of me 

And yes that sounds corny but it’s true and it’s also necessary 

I am trying to get back to the basics the parts that I really liked about myself that I’ve lost but I’m also evolving myself and reaching out when I can 

So I say all of this to let you guys know that it’s okay to feel down and to have off days 

It’s okay if you need outlets and extra help (having a therapist doesn’t mean your insane) and I think it’s great to ponder and reflect on the things you need to improve in yourself

You can become new everyday. You can have a new beginning 

All you have to do is try to be the best you that you can be 

Now I challenge you to try something new tomorrow it could be anything and it could be small but just try it 

LIKE, COMMENT SHARE LAUGH CRY EAT whatever gets you through the day :))))) have a great one though 

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IN THE LATE LATE NIGHT: Darkest before the Dawn 

So my health has been pretty much Crap and I’ve been feeling pretty low most days but It’s fine cause I’ll get better

It is true what they say that you might have some pretty bad days but there would always be some good the key is to be optimistic, to understand the situation your in now, own it and figure out how to either fix it or work around it

And trust me when I say this is probably a big low for me this summer because everytime I think I’m getting better with my health something else happens

BUTTTTT a lot of good has come out of this and I’ll tell you some

First I realized that I need to eat better and have a healthier lifestyle if I want to enjoy my time here and I just need to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body

I realized that’s getting sick really sucks and not knowing what’s going on with you sucks even more

I realized that I need other outlets that can help me balance and keep me sane and one of those things is Headspace (App) it’s basically a meditation app and the guy that talks for the meditation; his voice is so soothing and after a session I promise you’ll feel zen

I also pray, I know for some that isn’t an option but an alternative could be mediation similar to meditation, prayer keeps me happy and optimistic while also giving me some peace

I also read because it calms me down while also teaching me something right now I read medical journals because they just interest me

I also realize that people really do work at their own pace and that right now my body is saying to take care of myself

I am more aware of myself and my surroundings and am taking the steps to better myself and I hope that this could inspire or comfort someone that is going through a similar situation

Comment, Like, Share would love to hear ya!! Have a great day and if your having a really bad day just remember that after darkness is light.

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Also lmk if you guys want me to recommend any bible apps or medical journals apps :))))


There is nothing wrong with working at your own pace or having your own pace 
And I completely understand that sometimes working at your own pace is not an option when there are other factors involved
BUTTTTTTTTT  I am here to tell you and you and youuuuu that working at your own pace is completely FINE 
I know it can be a little discouraging when everyone else is getting a house or a car or is settled down and your still living with a roommate or still have that horrible job 
But all of this is temporary all of this will end eventually 
If you think back in time, you weren’t taking L’s(loses) forever….eventually something good came along 
And sometime gals and guys we will have to take those L’s because it’s life and there’s not much we can do about it
But even when you getting back on your feet from all those L’s you can start to work at a better you and I’m not here promoting you to sit on the couch all day and think about it and eat those nachos (I mean eat your nachos) 
BUTTTTTTTT(how many times am I going to say but) if you need some time to chill and relax and collect your thoughts thats completely fine 
And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if one day all you want to do is chug a bottle of wine or watch a marathon because it is your right 
So do what you gottaaa do and be great!!!!

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IN THE NIGHT: Why stay with toxic people(the pros)

Although toxic people can be the worst kind of people to be around with and usually the advice would be to get rid of them 

I believe sometimes it is good to hold on to toxic people, Now this depends on what we decide are toxic people and what types of things we can handle and look past 

Not all toxic people are horrible at everything they do or are and they can have some good qualities in them 

SO I say this because sometimes we have to decide why we choose to leave toxic people and most times its because you are better off without them 

But if you see any potential in them or if you see yourself doing business with them then you should hold on to them 

And you don’t have to and I am not advocating for that but what I am saying is we should reconsider who we consider toxic and why 

And for things like businesses and growing together can we try to look past some of the stuff that people do and just try to be friends

BTW when I mean toxic I mean they can have different views then you that you don’t agree with or they work/act/think differently then you, I mean toxic in small amounts… amounts that one can handle 

BUT by all means if this people has nothing to give you and you cannot gain anything with this person then 



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IN THE EVENING: Positive Thoughts

I’ve been feeling more upbeat lately but, its been a while since I’ve felt happy or at least content with myself. I feel like I was just in a place where I was not comfortable and everything around me was negative or seemed to be very negative.

I’ve been having some health issues and ironically even though my health issues haven’t been the best everything else in my life has been going into a positive directions.

Five ways to have positive thoughts:

  1. Think of all the things that your grateful for even if its the little things 
  2. Read or look at inspirational quotes/videos etc… I love looking at inspirational videos like TED talks, I also like Shahd Batal on youtube she has a few inspirational videos hat have really helped me out 
  3. Talk to someone, it can make you feel better and they can give you advice on any situation your stuck in;it can also show you that your not alone 
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, a big issue I’ve had in the past is surround myself with negative people that only brought me down 
  5. Meditate or pray (personally I do both and feel that this has helped me a lot)
  6. BONUS: Do something everyday that makes you truly happy 

Understand that this will pass and positivity will come your way just be patient I promise it will come 


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In The Night: Coupling

Sometimes you meet the guy/girl you think you’ll spend the rest of your life with or that you will spend a long time with 

But sometimes life has a way of telling you Slow your roll and you do and you think it’ll work and then it doesn’t 

Personally, I talked to a guy that I thought I would spend a long time with

Unfortunately, it was wrong timing and no matter how much we tired to make it work, it just didn’t work

He would say that he didn’t have time and he wasn’t ready for a relationship 

And although I’m still bummed out about it, I learned so much from the experience and I don’t regret it 

One major thing I learned is that YES you can be friends with your ex’s/significant other even if things didn’t end the way you wanted them to

Among other things this was a big one because I didn’t think this was possible. However, I have restriction if he/she cheats or does anything of those extremes I don’t think being friends is the best 

And YES again its okay that it didn’t work because I grew as a person and sometimes people are not meant to stay in your life and thats okay and I STRONGLY believe that it can only get better

It’s okay because I know I deserve better, I deserve someone that I don’t have to tell to open up and communicate with me or prioritize me and that overall he’s a good guy

SO for anyone that seems down about a relationship or feel horrible trust me it’ll get better 


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Although drama is so good in shows and even in books(if you read) 

Drama in the real world can be tiring and even worse it can divide people 

Drama is unnecessary and if your dealing with anyone that brings too much drama in your life its better to cut them off 

I tend to tell my friends to keep their dramas with their boyfriends between themselves because its none of my business 

Also most of the time I can’t give the advice they want to hear 

But lets not lie sometimes drama is interesting and what I think is particularly interesting is the way people react 

I enjoy seeing drama between people because you can see part of them and to me thats just interesting

The end note here is that although drama is great and exciting, you can do better without it 

Anyways if anyone could tell me any good drama shows that would be awesome or any shows at all I’m open to anything Comment below!


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IN THE AFTERNOON:Communication

One of the hardest things to do is communicate correctly with people

We tend to communicate more with ourselves then others and we tend to do it a lot

I confess, I am one of those people that tend to communicate like crazy to myself but when it comes to confronting others I get stuck 

I tend to freeze or start to tell myself that its not even worth it 

Here are Five ways to become better at communicating:

  1. Write it down- it’ll help you organize what you have to say 
  2. Don”t be afraid to speak up, talk to yourself or to the mirror and practice what you have to say 
  3. If you fidget while you talk use your hands to express your feelings 
  4. Practice on a friend if your brave enough 
  5. Laugh if you say something inappropriate or you just mess up everyone makes mistake 
  6. An extra one is to not overthink it, I KNOW its hard but its possible and it’ll let your ideas flow more smoothly 

Let me know any of your advice for effective communication!! Or comment any advice you would like to hear about…Enjoy in the afternoon!


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