Welcome to October!!! Its time for many things like Halloween (hands down my favorite holiday) but also my next segment of randomize!! YAY. This is the skin,body and health edition:))Β  Hope you’ll enjoy

So the weather is getting much colder in New York which means for those that normally have dry skin or dermatitisΒ  (yes like meee) its time to layer up BUT correctly

Now, just so you know this is what works for me and what I tend to try to avoid when fall and winter are approaching because most times my skin will not cooperate with the weather

I’ll give you some insight on clothes,skin moisturizing and dealing with dry skin tips

First layering on clothing is essential when the cold is approaching so sweaters and long sleeves come right along

You want to avoid fabrics with wool or any itchy material because it will irritate your skin and it will not be nice. Look for shirts and sweaters with cotton or soft material. If you choose to buy stuff online just make sure that the material does not look itchy(if theres fabrics sticking out or if it look rough) but, there is always a risk with online shopping that you don’t get what you want.

With leggings again you want to avoid stuff that are itchy but also thick leggings are not always the best. They trap in the heat and this could make your skin itchy and dry so try to get some light weight leggings shirts, etc that trap in the heat but a still thin. Some great clothes for the cold are in Uniqlo, you can also look at H&m and forever 21 for some basics.

Skin and moisturizing go hand in hand if you have dry skin

If you want avoid dry skin you must moisturize!

With that being said buying a good lotion and oil for your skin is essential and also using the right products while your in the shower!

Personally I hate heavy lotion or pomades for my skin because they are like an extra layer on your skin however, they’re are great for your skin because it’ll lock in the moisture

I usually use Vaseline(yes good old cheap vaseline) in the winter times but for the fall I usually just get a heavier lotion like Nivea or Gold Bonds other favorites of mine are Cetaphil and the pomade of Nivea.

Layering your skin with oil gives you an extra protection for dry skin. You can use any oil but my favorite is avocado oil(yes I use the big bottle that I also cook with)(its a mutli-oil), almond oil and vitamin E oil.

So final thoughts layer your lotions/oil, make sure to get a good heavy brand and buy clothes that are kind to your skin.

Hope you guys have a great day !!

me every fall/winter
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IN THE MORNING: How To Minimize

When you go to college especially when you first start off you feel like you need everything

You want to be the most prepared and you also do not want to spend your own money for things that your parents could of bought you

However, as you go into your sophomore and junior year of college you will realize that all the things you brought you did not need

For example, you bring 20 shirts but wear the same three shirts everyday because why not? so why do you need the other 17…..and don’t feel attack because this is exactly what I do but then I learned that minimizing would help we organize my things better and be able to pack less stuff

My suggestion to you is out of those 20 shirts for example pick ten that you really like and these should include long sleeve, short sleeve, summer and winter shirts and going out shirts. Pick pants that you would wear in the next month.

If you are like me and you do not go home often packing your winter clothes is essential! My mindset whenever I pack for college is would I wear this in the next month and if the answer is yes I take it and if its no I throw it out or I donate it.

I also believe that if you buy an item of clothing then one in your closet has to go and this helps you minimize and eliminate any clothing that you will not wear. One in One out

You can have this same mindset with shoes and other articles of clothing that you might not wear or needs to be changed.

Minimizing can help get rid of the junk but can also help you see what you need for school. Overall it’ll help you know your comfy clothes from your going out clothes. So if you contemplating on minimizing DO IT!


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Now no one can tell me they don’t have their favorite pair of jeans or shirt and some sweats

I know comfy clothes might not be for everyone because lets be honest some people like dressing nice everyday and that completely fine

But if your like me and you look at assembling an outfit as a chore then you would probably look at your stack of clothes(cause who folds them or puts them in hangers anymore) and pick any random thing that looks decent and be on your way

And I am saying this because lets give awareness to comfy clothes and maybe even a THANK YOU (yay) because those days you stay home all day or you have to run to the store or go to that 8:00am class thank your comfy clothes for being there for you

And because they are super comfortable and usually affordable and no matter how many stains or holes they have you’ll probably never get rid of them

Lets not forget all those times that you needed something for a long day or for a lazy day and your comfy clothes were there

For those that don’t have comfy clothes though but want to have some because my post inspired you (YAY) or not here are some tips/ideas on what clothes to get

SO your in the store and you don’t know what clothes to buy and your thinking really hard about this you might want to look at some the sweats/pj shorts sections you can always find some nice sweats and comfy clothes there

Buy a size bigger if you like the extra space/baggy feels (I personally prefer this option)

Oversized anything is awesome

Look for long sleeve shirts if its cold or flowy shirts if its hot

And last but not least make sure your comfortable in it!

Like this post if you liked it πŸ˜‰ Comment below your favorite comfy clothes or if you would like me to give you some links/ideas where you can get comfy clothes I would love to hear from you guys!!


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So summer has a officially started about 4 days ago and I thought it would be cool to have a post about summer. People tend to go out more and enjoy times out more in the summer.

Five realities of Summer Time:

  1. You rather be under an air conditioner or a cool area because the sun is too much
  2. Sunscreen will become important and at the same time you forget the sunscreen and now you have a sun burnΒ 
  3. If your into tanning, you walk down the street or to the beach to get a nice tan ( I wear glasses so I also get a tan from that)
  4. It times for shades/shorts/skirts/dresses and no sleeve shirts or you can wear some long sleeves for the days where its cooler (which is barely)
  5. You get to show the world your best outfits because you don’t have to wear any heavy coats or jackets
  6. Bonus: You realize your not summer body ready or you decide you care less even if you areΒ 

I am actually very fond of the summer even with all the sunburns and crazy humid days

Comment below any summer realities you have! Happy Summer !
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