Side Note: Curly Hair Troubles

So this is a random post hence the side note

And today since I have some time off I just wanted to talk about my curly hair

Recently I’ve been using my regular hair products that I adore but I felt like I needed something new

I am thinking about trying some other products out in order to see what works best for me since the weather is changing

My sister has been using the Briogeo hair products and she loves them

I have sneaked in some of her products as well and I adore them and am thinking of purchasing a couple of products from their avocado line

I’ve also heard the ApHogee and Ovation products are really good so I might try those as well

I usually wear my hair out or in a bun or braids so I always need frizz control products

I also want to buy a treatment for hair growth but I’m unsure which to buy.. any suggestions? I was thinking of getting some curly hair extensions (we will see) because sometimes I just want my hair to have some length

My hair is very prune to frizz which is why I constantly change up my products


This is my hair on the second day

I LOVE my frizz but sometimes I want it tame :))))

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading my rambles !


IN THE NIGHT:RANDOM products try out 

So today I bought some new products to try out. I have curly hair and usually have to change my shampoo/conditioner routine about every month.

I have a lot of hair so I tend to use a lot of shampoo and conditioner. But yeah I’ll try these out and let you guys know how they are. 

ALL these products smell so good and each are retailed around 12-15 dollars each. 

Usually when I buy hair products I go toward things that won’t damage my hair like sulfates and parabens but I also want something that has a nice scent. 

And just so you know these products are geared towards curly hair but they also work for straight hair or any hair in general just depends on your preference. 


Five things that can help your hair curly troubles:

  1. Using cold water instead of hot water (prevents frizz and gives the hair more definition)
  2. Using a treatment oil in your LOC method ( I use either CHI or Biosilk)
  3. Investing in a satin pillowcase 
  4. Avoid hair dye but if choosing to hair dye do it professionally 
  5. Using a hair treatment(protein or hydrating) every week to ensure strength , growth etc,,