IN THE MORNING: What else to do in College

NOW I am not talking about joining clubs and being social because you guys already know that

I am talking to the people that just want to stay home or are not really into social events

Here I’ll give you a list of things that I like doing while I am in college and do not have any homework or I’m procrastinating or I just don’t want to leave my room

Things to do when theres nothing to do:

  1. Take a nap– you deserve it even if you don’t
  2. Go out to eat with your friends because who doesn’t like food and friends
  3. Organize your room because I know your room is messy and you need to clean it also do your laundry while your at it
  4. Write out your goals and what to do to achieve them
  5. Watch Netflix or Hulu favorite shows right now on Netflix is greys anatomy, star wars the clone wars and re-watching archer and friends. On Hulu I love watching bobs burger, american dad and rick and morty.
  6. Go to Starbucks– I am obsessed with Starbucks and every chance I get I go and buy something. My favorite drinks right now are green tea latte with soy milk, black tea lemonade honestly just all the teas and caramel macchiato.

That’s about it guys hope you enjoy and have a great day!

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IN THE TEMPRANO: New Beginnings 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that most times we can’t control what happens to us 

BUT we can control how we react to these things 

NOW I wanted to make this short but very informative because let’s be honest sometimes reading long article,blogs journals etc.. is a lot so bare with me 

This summer has taught me a lot about myself and although it’s not completely over yet I thought reflecting midway would be a good idea 

Now I’m not perfect and I make mistakes all the time but I always try to improve myself and make myself to be the best version of me 

And yes that sounds corny but it’s true and it’s also necessary 

I am trying to get back to the basics the parts that I really liked about myself that I’ve lost but I’m also evolving myself and reaching out when I can 

So I say all of this to let you guys know that it’s okay to feel down and to have off days 

It’s okay if you need outlets and extra help (having a therapist doesn’t mean your insane) and I think it’s great to ponder and reflect on the things you need to improve in yourself

You can become new everyday. You can have a new beginning 

All you have to do is try to be the best you that you can be 

Now I challenge you to try something new tomorrow it could be anything and it could be small but just try it 

LIKE, COMMENT SHARE LAUGH CRY EAT whatever gets you through the day :))))) have a great one though 

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IN THE NIGHT: Why stay with toxic people(the pros)

Although toxic people can be the worst kind of people to be around with and usually the advice would be to get rid of them 

I believe sometimes it is good to hold on to toxic people, Now this depends on what we decide are toxic people and what types of things we can handle and look past 

Not all toxic people are horrible at everything they do or are and they can have some good qualities in them 

SO I say this because sometimes we have to decide why we choose to leave toxic people and most times its because you are better off without them 

But if you see any potential in them or if you see yourself doing business with them then you should hold on to them 

And you don’t have to and I am not advocating for that but what I am saying is we should reconsider who we consider toxic and why 

And for things like businesses and growing together can we try to look past some of the stuff that people do and just try to be friends

BTW when I mean toxic I mean they can have different views then you that you don’t agree with or they work/act/think differently then you, I mean toxic in small amounts… amounts that one can handle 

BUT by all means if this people has nothing to give you and you cannot gain anything with this person then 



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We tend to label people into categories in order to just have some order 

We tend to put them into friends, family, people we dislike and those we have to stand 

However, sometimes we think of labels as something of more importance especially when it comes to being in a relationship

You feel most proud/happy when someone can actually call you their girlfriend/boyfriend or best friend or best person or boss

Sometimes it can be hurtful to have label because you could be the other women or the person in the family that no one likes or the failure 

But, we should think of labels as just a way to organize ourselves and remember that not all label are important and most labels aren’t incredibly significant 


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Realities of friends: 

  1. You have different types (party friends, study friends, friends you confine in)
  2. Friends will always be there for you 
  3. Your friends have seen the ugliest parts of you 
  4. Your friends give you advice and you give them advice and most times you and your friends don’t take it 
  5. Friends will decide for you when you 
  6. And if your a foodie, friends will always eat with you 


IN THE AFTERNOON:Relationships

Realities of having relationships: 

Sometimes ADULTING(having to do adult things) is hard and one big issues is relationships

This post is about relationships in general, so for friends sometimes we make friends and then as we grow we tend to grow out of them.

I have many friends that I first made when I started school and by sophomore year I had a new group of friends.

Sometimes relationships are too toxic and you rather not have them around. 

Relationship that deal with a significant other are the best/worst depending on the situation. 

Sometimes if the people are mature and the relationship turns to nothing they can stay friends. However, most times that I’ve seen/experience they do not end in good terms and would rather not stay friends. 

Relationships are about growing they can be scary but most times they’re fun and they show you a lot about yourself and others.