IN THE MORNING: College Supplies List

Now I know if your a freshman you might be thinking I need all this stuff and I have to buy x y and z

BUTTTTTTT I’m here to lessen your worries

I have a list for you that’ll blow your mind and I promise you this is all you will need for college (pinky swear)

Now some of these items might change depending on what you prefer but more likely then not this will be all you’ll need to survive your 4, 5, or 6 classes

I want to tell you guys and gals a back story about how I got to this list; I promise its short

So in my freshman year I forgot to staple a paper before class started and if you know professor you will know that they do not like the corner folded and will probably not even accept your paper

Knowing this I ran to every classroom and friend asking them for a stapler to which everyone told me they did not have one

Eventually I found one and saved myself of having to look at the professor with a staple-less paper but I realized and almost scarily realized I needed a stapler

I eventually realized over the years too that I did not need as much notebooks as I thought I did and I prefer instead typing on my laptop

SOO on to this list now like I said things might be interchangeable or not needed but thats up to you and how you like to go to school

I will also say this is just whats in my bag so this will include some beauty and other items that are in my bag.

College Supplies List:

  1. Backpack or Purse– personally I have a big purse from forever 21(not the exact one but similar) there are also these two (zara1,zara2) that look very similar to mine. I tend to carry a big bag because I have lots of stuff
  2. Pens, pencils, highlighter (one or two) and for a little splurge nice color pens
  3. A PLANNER I put these in capital letters because a planner has saved my life and they’re just BOMB. I got mine off of amazon  but this is there website also bloomdailyplanner.
  4. 5 Subject Notebook-I kid you not this will last you the whole year. I prefer using a computer most times but sometimes you just need a notebook or professors do not like laptops out.
  5. I also have a makeup bag where I put my pads and lipsticks pretty much everyday essentials. Here are a few that are super cute bag1 and bag2 .
  6. a STAPLERR– yass yeah its essential get it. You could save a college kids like I got mine from the dollar store and with a stapler you need staples too.
  7. Phone and computer charger– soo many times when I needed it and it wasn’t there
  8. Folders and Post its– I lived off of these one year and survived but the reality is you need folders and post its.
  9. small umbrella- Too many times has it rained and I have had zero umbrella. I got mine from target heres a few umbrella1(my umbrella it has bad reviews but I love it have had no problems with it),umbrella2 and umbrella3
  10. mints wipes and aleve– Mints can wake you up from a boring class, wipes for when you have to go number 2 in school(mine are from costco) OR you just need them and Aleve because you never know when your going to get a headache and if your a girl cramps
  11. WATER BOTTLE this is ESSENTIAL you will always need water and its good to have id your parched I usually just get a pack of nestle pure life water from Walmart but you can also get a water bottle from target swell1 and swell2.

BTW all my school supplies I got from Walmart

My bag
This is my bag for school with my very messy desk
So this is my list if you would like to see a whats in my bag let me know I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!


IN THE MORNING: Things You Thought You Didn’t Need for College

So I’ve been thinking about how I have progressed in my packing and buying skills for college

Since I live on campus there are some things that you might not think about when you get to school but might be essential to you

Things that You MIGHT need for school:

  • Laundry Bag– I feel like this is a given unless your campus is close to home and you can do your laundry at home
  • Dryer Sheets and Softener– So my dryers and washers in school sucks and although I live an hour away from home I do have to take the train and taking the train with a laundry bag is no fun. For whatever reason my school dryers make your clothes smell like burnt clothes so to avoid that I use dryer sheets. I also use softener because my schools washers are trash.
  • Good Sheets and a Good TOWEL– Now I am not saying to spend 100 dollars on sheets and towels but getting a good towel and sheets can save you money in the long run since they won’t tear and will stay intact.
  • TO GO Clothes– There are going to be those days when you don’t know what to wear(this is me everyday) or you just pick whatever you find so have lots of basics shirts, pants, sweats that you can just grab and go.
  • Air Freshener– We all do number 2 and if your eating well it can smell sometimes so just have some fragrances or freshener to help I like Febreeze but Pop-purri is by far my favorite.
  • Extra Storage– If you have a lot of products or you just like bring extra stuff because you rather be over prepared then under (guilty) then you’ll need extra storage and getting some can actually give you some space in your dorm.

That is all! I hope you enjoy and hope you have a great day!