IN THE MORNING: How To Minimize

When you go to college especially when you first start off you feel like you need everything

You want to be the most prepared and you also do not want to spend your own money for things that your parents could of bought you

However, as you go into your sophomore and junior year of college you will realize that all the things you brought you did not need

For example, you bring 20 shirts but wear the same three shirts everyday because why not? so why do you need the other 17…..and don’t feel attack because this is exactly what I do but then I learned that minimizing would help we organize my things better and be able to pack less stuff

My suggestion to you is out of those 20 shirts for example pick ten that you really like and these should include long sleeve, short sleeve, summer and winter shirts and going out shirts. Pick pants that you would wear in the next month.

If you are like me and you do not go home often packing your winter clothes is essential! My mindset whenever I pack for college is would I wear this in the next month and if the answer is yes I take it and if its no I throw it out or I donate it.

I also believe that if you buy an item of clothing then one in your closet has to go and this helps you minimize and eliminate any clothing that you will not wear. One in One out

You can have this same mindset with shoes and other articles of clothing that you might not wear or needs to be changed.

Minimizing can help get rid of the junk but can also help you see what you need for school. Overall it’ll help you know your comfy clothes from your going out clothes. So if you contemplating on minimizing DO IT!


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SO for this edition of home invasions

I’m just joking so for anyone thats thinking my house is a little plain

Maybe I can spice it up without making a mess and maybe I can do it with just one item

So I’ll show you guys today five furnitures that can spice up your living room or bedroom room with this Urban Outfitters edition

The furnitures I usually look for is a more modern look but also convenient and that takes up minimal space

Hope you guys enjoy!

The first stool is retailed for 79.00 (although I feel like if you know how to work with real cement you can make this yourself) but if your a lazy hag like me you would just buy it also it wont be as heavy and the name is Faux Concrete Stool

The second stool retails for 159.00 which I think is a bit steep but its so beautiful I think I could get passed the price because the wood looks amazing and is called Matro ZigZag Stool

The shelf retails for 129.00 and is called Planes Storage Shelf super cute and small

The cute floral stool retails for 179.00 and is called Marta Barragan Camarasa for DENY Floral Counter Stool

The beautiful screen retails for 249.00 (steep) but very cute and its called Amber Wooden Carved Screen

Just a mini rant before I finish I wish that if a store is selling expensive-ish furniture you would actually put a name on the furniture instead of calling it the obvious but maybe this is just me

Anyways thanks for coming along LIKE,COMMENT, SHARE,FOLLOW and thanks for reading

ALL images are from the Urban Outfitters website


SO I was thinking about ways to make your life a little bit more positive and having positive vibes around your house hold and thought of throw pillows

Now I love throw pillows because they can give your house a nice look or can just make you feel better to have some decoration

Also you can sleep on the couch with a throw pillow and who doesn’t want that (honestly)

I chose minimal throw pillows from target that I thought were super cute but also have a little funk in them

Each retail around 15-20 dollars so its pretty affordable

Five plus bonus throw pillows to make you a little bit happier:

  1. HI/BYE pillowΒ 
  2. Good Vibes
  3. Faux Fur Pillow(yay)
  4. Everyday is an adventureΒ 
  5. Hello Sunshine
  6. EYE pillow

Thanksss everyone for reading Comment Share Like eat a cake πŸ™‚ enjoy your day and enjoy these pillowsss!!!!!!

All images are from target website