My sanity lol JK springtrip/food/life

If anyone would like to help me out for this spring trip that would be great! my friends and I are planning to go to Ireland or somewhere tropical the cost is about 1000 and I have about half that money 😢 BTW pay my own bills and as a college student I know some can relate it's hard


HELLO! And Welcome so today I’ll make this very short

I am a college student and like most college student I am broke πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ It is just the way of life

HOWEVER I tend to give lots of advice of usually have really good advice to give so

Ask me anything!!!! I would like to do a Q&A

alsooo for those that follow me and wanna help we out with some loan or are just feeling generous or just like my content and want to show it

Any donation will be helpful πŸ™‚ and greatly appreciated

I do work two jobs and wanted to treat myself for a trip in the spring because I’ve been in college for four years and have never gone traveling

BUT school and food is very expensive so

boooo! Yea I know but it’s just the way of life

So yeah in keeping this short

Any donation will be helpful πŸ™‚ and greatly appreciated

Thank you may you be blessed!



SO in college you will be spending a lot of money

My recommendation, if your parents cannot afford to give you a monthly allowance is to get a job

Get A Job

Now I know balancing school and all these other aspects of life is hard but it is also very necessary

I wanted to make this post just to show you guys whether your new to college, passing by or want to compare where most of my monies goes to

Per paycheck I get around 200 or so every two weeks

First and probably where most of money goes to is food

YES FOOD because while I do live on campus the food here is crappy and I live in a kitchen dorm so I do not require a meal plan

Usually I would say within a month I spend around $200-300 on food which seems like a lot because it is.

This includes about $100-150 on groceries because eating healthy is a bit more expensive and usually this will last me 2 weeks or so

Then the rest is spent on outside food when I do not have time to cook and my tremendous amounts of runs to Starbucks

Even with my runs to Starbucks I still spend less money then I would if I had a meal plan

If you have an option to get rid of your meal plan and are willing to put the time in making your food DO IT! If it’ll ultimately cost you less

Thennnn everything else is pretty much spent on makeup or leggings(I buy lots of leggings usually from forever or H&m) this probably will only be once a month or once every two months

I know its sad but I just don’t have the money to shop

I also spend about 10 bucks or so on cleaning supplies (my suite-mates and I split cleaning supplies)

And then there is the unexpected spending like very soon I will have to get a new computer charger because mine is holding on to its dear life and my camera on my computer is messed up

Now every month or so there is also a birthday and with that comes gifts I tend to spend 20-40 dollars on the person depending

I also had to buy some school items that cost me about 20 dollars

SO yea that is all tell me your experiences with money, how you splurge and what you spend most on

Thanks for coming by!

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There is nothing wrong with working at your own pace or having your own pace 
And I completely understand that sometimes working at your own pace is not an option when there are other factors involved
BUTTTTTTTTT  I am here to tell you and you and youuuuu that working at your own pace is completely FINE 
I know it can be a little discouraging when everyone else is getting a house or a car or is settled down and your still living with a roommate or still have that horrible job 
But all of this is temporary all of this will end eventually 
If you think back in time, you weren’t taking L’s(loses) forever….eventually something good came along 
And sometime gals and guys we will have to take those L’s because it’s life and there’s not much we can do about it
But even when you getting back on your feet from all those L’s you can start to work at a better you and I’m not here promoting you to sit on the couch all day and think about it and eat those nachos (I mean eat your nachos) 
BUTTTTTTTT(how many times am I going to say but) if you need some time to chill and relax and collect your thoughts thats completely fine 
And don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if one day all you want to do is chug a bottle of wine or watch a marathon because it is your right 
So do what you gottaaa do and be great!!!!

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Lately I’ve been looking for a job but can’t really find one also I have a bunch of goals that I want to achieve but don’t seem to get any closer to them. 

Sometimes it takes me dayysss to get the motivation to do something like get a job or find a hobby. 

But if your really into what your doing and you really want that new house or that new car or a new savings account or those cute shoes you saw but can’t get just yet 

Then you need some MOTIVATION 

And trust me when I say that motivation is hard to find because putting effort is a lot of work and what sucks most is when you put that motivation into something and then get nothing in return or you just fail at it 

But give yourself a pat on the back and don’t be too hard on yourself because even though you failed now you know you have that motivation in you 

And now you know that moving forward you can achieve just as much if not more with this motivation sooooo


^^sorry for my corniness lol 

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Jobs are not careers I REPEAT jobs are not careers

and most time we probably hate our jobs

I know I hated my job when I was working at a restaurant, the customers were extremely rude and manager would basically think they were gods

Jobs are more of a means to make money and not for satisfaction or for a better good

Lately my mom has been on my butt about working and getting a job and she’s right I am picky and I should look for one

But I don’t see jobs as long term and I don’t see myself ever working for someone that wants me to praise them because they gave me a few extra hours

Jobs honestly suck and I’m happy that my end goal is not a job but, a career

LMK of any jobs you’ve had that suck or liked maybe I’m wrong about jobs


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