I ate like crap! 

I ate like crap this whole week and went to the gym and didn’t regret it 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

It was a crappy week with crappy days and crappiness involved (sorry for the overuse of crappy)

But it was and I just didn’t feel motivated to eat right enough 

So I gave in and ate Starbucks and ate candy because halloween (is close) and ate outside food like three time this week

And I want to be honest because even though I talk about healthy eating that is not always what I do 

And sometimes I write to you guys and myself in order to remind myself of why I eat healthy 

 But this week was just a lot 

And I think I needed the crappy eating because I truly feel now like I can start eating right again 

It’s a roller coaster there will be lots of ups and downs but getting to a healthier you is possible 

Failing is bad and honestly sometimes it’s needed

I love working out and going to the gym it’s been a routine 

I’ve been so motivated to go but I also love food and I find comfort in it when I’m stressed 

And college is stressful so I eat LOL 

And I am okay

And I’ll continue to exercise and choice healthier options and eat better

And look at myself and see all the pretty parts of me 

Cause I do see change and I do feel better

So I am okay with a crappy week because I know a better one will come 🙂 

Has nothing to do with my post but I found it so funny

Side Note: Curly Hair Troubles

So this is a random post hence the side note

And today since I have some time off I just wanted to talk about my curly hair

Recently I’ve been using my regular hair products that I adore but I felt like I needed something new

I am thinking about trying some other products out in order to see what works best for me since the weather is changing

My sister has been using the Briogeo hair products and she loves them

I have sneaked in some of her products as well and I adore them and am thinking of purchasing a couple of products from their avocado line

I’ve also heard the ApHogee and Ovation products are really good so I might try those as well

I usually wear my hair out or in a bun or braids so I always need frizz control products

I also want to buy a treatment for hair growth but I’m unsure which to buy.. any suggestions? I was thinking of getting some curly hair extensions (we will see) because sometimes I just want my hair to have some length

My hair is very prune to frizz which is why I constantly change up my products


This is my hair on the second day

I LOVE my frizz but sometimes I want it tame :))))

Have a great day guys and thanks for reading my rambles !

Side Notes; Curvy Gurls Winning 


Thank you to yesika on this fine morning that she reminds everyone we should not body shame and that curvy girls are beauts!!!!


That’s is all 🙂

(This photo was via instagram @yesikastarr) 


Hey guysss!! I just wanted to let you know that I will continue to do random post but now I’ll implement a subject each month that I will post about the entire month. This is so its a bit more organized so for example on this month of august I’ll be talking about Home Goods. Next month I’ll switch it up. Thanks for the support!

Enjoy the rest of your day!!!


In honor of the spiderman movie.

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SOOO yayyyy it’s been a month or so that I have tried out these products and thought it would be a good time to give my update on them

Now for those of you that are probably reading this like what hair products I’ll leave a link right here

So starting off with the CHI INFRA shampoo I really like this product because it smells good almost like a cologne kind of smell and it’s not as sudsy as other shampoos I’ve tried it also cleans my hair really well. Also I use about two dime size of this product meaning this will last me a lifetime. ALSOOO THE 32 OZ IS ON SALEEEE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE 12 OZ ON ULTA!!!

The only negative thing that I have to say about this product is if I use like a treatment or product before using the shampoo my hair can feel kind of stiff after I wash it out but when I use it regularly it works good

The CURLS blueberry bliss leave in conditioner GAME CHANGERRRRR I’m in love with this stuff not only does it smell like blueberries(yum) it works so well on my hair and I don’t have to use a lot I usually use two quarter size on my hair and trust me when I say  usually use a lot of product in my hair (way more then two quarter sizes) but this stuff is BOMB and the SLIP is amazing

Carols Daughter sacred tiare fortifying conditioner another winning streak for me again its smells amazing and I like that it has a pump( I get lazy squeezing a bottle) and the slip on this is amazing I use about a palm size on my hair and it works wonders the only thing I’m sad about is that I wish they had a bigger size because I can see myself running out of this in about a month

SO THATS IT! LMK if you want me to do another random product try out I’ll love to experiment more on my hair on any products you would like me to try

Also what works for me might not work for you I have 3b/3c curly hair but all the ingredients on these products are safe and could work on anyones hair


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IN THE TEMPRANO: New Beginnings 

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and that most times we can’t control what happens to us 

BUT we can control how we react to these things 

NOW I wanted to make this short but very informative because let’s be honest sometimes reading long article,blogs journals etc.. is a lot so bare with me 

This summer has taught me a lot about myself and although it’s not completely over yet I thought reflecting midway would be a good idea 

Now I’m not perfect and I make mistakes all the time but I always try to improve myself and make myself to be the best version of me 

And yes that sounds corny but it’s true and it’s also necessary 

I am trying to get back to the basics the parts that I really liked about myself that I’ve lost but I’m also evolving myself and reaching out when I can 

So I say all of this to let you guys know that it’s okay to feel down and to have off days 

It’s okay if you need outlets and extra help (having a therapist doesn’t mean your insane) and I think it’s great to ponder and reflect on the things you need to improve in yourself

You can become new everyday. You can have a new beginning 

All you have to do is try to be the best you that you can be 

Now I challenge you to try something new tomorrow it could be anything and it could be small but just try it 

LIKE, COMMENT SHARE LAUGH CRY EAT whatever gets you through the day :))))) have a great one though 

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Theres nothing wrong with asking someone for help

And I know its hard for some people because being prideful is a really hard thing to deal with

And having to ask for help could seem more like a job then actually something that could help you in the future

BUT we all need help sometimes no matter how independent we might think we are

And it could be for the smallest thing or for a life changing thing but you need help

So ask for help!

You might not like the answers and you might not even like what people have to tell you or when they also include their opinion along with their answer

But thats a step you took and eventually if you keep asking question and figure out whats the right question to ask then you’ll get the answer you want

And nothing feels better then getting the right answer

or better an answer and an action

SO I’m here to tell  you that SUCK IN YOUR PRIDE and just ask the question

and if you don’t get the answer you want then ask a better question or ask someone else because eventually you’ll get the answer

AND don’t give up just don’t….don’t do it….. I’m telling you not to

Because eventually you’ll look back and think maybe I should of done more or maybe I should have asked that question

AND last thought (promise)

If the answers are taking a little longer then usually to get to you BE PATIENT I understand I’m very impatient myself but a desperate person looking for an answer is not the best thing

So relax, ask questions and wait to see what comes along


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Comment, Like,Share Smile, Eat LOL Would love to hear from you guys!!

IN THE EVENING: Positive Thoughts

I’ve been feeling more upbeat lately but, its been a while since I’ve felt happy or at least content with myself. I feel like I was just in a place where I was not comfortable and everything around me was negative or seemed to be very negative.

I’ve been having some health issues and ironically even though my health issues haven’t been the best everything else in my life has been going into a positive directions.

Five ways to have positive thoughts:

  1. Think of all the things that your grateful for even if its the little things 
  2. Read or look at inspirational quotes/videos etc… I love looking at inspirational videos like TED talks, I also like Shahd Batal on youtube she has a few inspirational videos hat have really helped me out 
  3. Talk to someone, it can make you feel better and they can give you advice on any situation your stuck in;it can also show you that your not alone 
  4. Surround yourself with positive people, a big issue I’ve had in the past is surround myself with negative people that only brought me down 
  5. Meditate or pray (personally I do both and feel that this has helped me a lot)
  6. BONUS: Do something everyday that makes you truly happy 

Understand that this will pass and positivity will come your way just be patient I promise it will come 


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We tend to label people into categories in order to just have some order 

We tend to put them into friends, family, people we dislike and those we have to stand 

However, sometimes we think of labels as something of more importance especially when it comes to being in a relationship

You feel most proud/happy when someone can actually call you their girlfriend/boyfriend or best friend or best person or boss

Sometimes it can be hurtful to have label because you could be the other women or the person in the family that no one likes or the failure 

But, we should think of labels as just a way to organize ourselves and remember that not all label are important and most labels aren’t incredibly significant 


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The future is a scary place because in reality we don’t know what will happen 

The future is full of hopes, desires and goals 

However, the future can be exciting and the future can demonstrate so many potentials for you 

I think the future is something to look forward to and its something to think about from time to time 

But there is a balance and although we can look at the future, we also have to think of the present 

So think about what you want to be in five or ten year and just think of it in specific 

The more specific you are the more sure you are of what you want to do 

Enjoy your night and have a lovely day !!


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