IN THE MORNING: College Supplies List

Now I know if your a freshman you might be thinking I need all this stuff and I have to buy x y and z

BUTTTTTTT I’m here to lessen your worries

I have a list for you that’ll blow your mind and I promise you this is all you will need for college (pinky swear)

Now some of these items might change depending on what you prefer but more likely then not this will be all you’ll need to survive your 4, 5, or 6 classes

I want to tell you guys and gals a back story about how I got to this list; I promise its short

So in my freshman year I forgot to staple a paper before class started and if you know professor you will know that they do not like the corner folded and will probably not even accept your paper

Knowing this I ran to every classroom and friend asking them for a stapler to which everyone told me they did not have one

Eventually I found one and saved myself of having to look at the professor with a staple-less paper but I realized and almost scarily realized I needed a stapler

I eventually realized over the years too that I did not need as much notebooks as I thought I did and I prefer instead typing on my laptop

SOO on to this list now like I said things might be interchangeable or not needed but thats up to you and how you like to go to school

I will also say this is just whats in my bag so this will include some beauty and other items that are in my bag.

College Supplies List:

  1. Backpack or Purse– personally I have a big purse from forever 21(not the exact one but similar) there are also these two (zara1,zara2) that look very similar to mine. I tend to carry a big bag because I have lots of stuff
  2. Pens, pencils, highlighter (one or two) and for a little splurge nice color pens
  3. A PLANNER I put these in capital letters because a planner has saved my life and they’re just BOMB. I got mine off of amazon  but this is there website also bloomdailyplanner.
  4. 5 Subject Notebook-I kid you not this will last you the whole year. I prefer using a computer most times but sometimes you just need a notebook or professors do not like laptops out.
  5. I also have a makeup bag where I put my pads and lipsticks pretty much everyday essentials. Here are a few that are super cute bag1 and bag2 .
  6. a STAPLERR– yass yeah its essential get it. You could save a college kids like I got mine from the dollar store and with a stapler you need staples too.
  7. Phone and computer charger– soo many times when I needed it and it wasn’t there
  8. Folders and Post its– I lived off of these one year and survived but the reality is you need folders and post its.
  9. small umbrella- Too many times has it rained and I have had zero umbrella. I got mine from target heres a few umbrella1(my umbrella it has bad reviews but I love it have had no problems with it),umbrella2 and umbrella3
  10. mints wipes and aleve– Mints can wake you up from a boring class, wipes for when you have to go number 2 in school(mine are from costco) OR you just need them and Aleve because you never know when your going to get a headache and if your a girl cramps
  11. WATER BOTTLE this is ESSENTIAL you will always need water and its good to have id your parched I usually just get a pack of nestle pure life water from Walmart but you can also get a water bottle from target swell1 and swell2.

BTW all my school supplies I got from Walmart

My bag
This is my bag for school with my very messy desk
So this is my list if you would like to see a whats in my bag let me know I hope you enjoy! Have a great day!



Mirrors are an essential even if it means you only have one in your home

I have several but thats my preference anywayssss if you are looking for mirrors that are both affordable and lovely then look no further

Today ill be looking at mirrors that are full body because I think a person should have at least one of those and yeah hope you enjoy

Target Edition:

(All these mirrors are from Target website(including pictures)and no I am not sponsor but hey Target I see you)

  1. The first mirror is called Cheval Standing Mirror 59.5″ H – Ore International and retails for 51.99 super cute for the bedroom.
  2. The second mirror is called Rectangle beaded door Mirror Silver and I just notice its has beading which is even better and retails for 50.99.
  3. The third mirror is called Rectangle Desmond Leather Floor Mirror Ivory and it retails for 269.99 so not so affordable also I just notices theres a sale for home goods in target.
  4. The fourth mirror is called Over the Door Metal Mirror Brass and retails for 37.99. Love this mirror!
  5. The fifth and final (and also most expensive) mirror is called Rectangle Daniel Floor Mirror Gold -Howard Elliot and retails for a steeping 689.90. But is so nice that if you got it then get it!

And that is all thanks for hanging around and looking at these beautiful mirrors and don’t forget to Comment, Like, Share, Follow and see ya. 🙂

Also sorry that 2/5 were not so affordable

Also sorry that I cheated and put a home good into the month of September but just to let you guys know the Month of September will be the College Edition YAYTATATATY!!




Do you like the feeling of rugs? Do you jus lay down on rugs sometimes and go to sleep?

WELLL look no further because I’m going to show you some rugs to decorate your room and to just lay there and go to sleep while you watch some disney movies


So here I’ll post five rugs that I found super cute and also that I would lay myself there like a seal

TARGET EDITION: (All photos are from the target website and this is no sponsor)

  1. The first rug is called hand tufted cloudy Sachiko Rug- nuLOOM and it retails for 370.99 its on salee YAY and soo cute I love this rug. Also comes in blue
  2. The second rug is called Plush Shag Rug and it retails for 80.99 also it is on sale. Love this rug!
  3. The third rug is called Chunky Knit Braided Wool Rug and it is retail for 269.99 also on sales. Cause its sales upon sales.
  4. The fourth rug is called Faux Sheep Skin Rug- Safavieh and it retails for 264.60 zollas. Guy I know your looking at the prices like welp but I never said rugs were cheap.
  5. The fifth and final rug is called Dunes Collection Candler Wool Area Rug and is retail for 391.99 weird pricing but whatever cause its on you guessed it SALEEEE.

And that it is all guys. Comment, Like, Share and let me know what else you would like to see. Let me know if you got those sales.



YAY! One of my favorite things in the whole world are hammocks every time I go back to the mother land I love going to my backyard and taking a nap on my hammock

Its super comfortable and with the right pillow you can have a great nap!

Now for those like me who live in an apartment a hammock might not be the most suitable thing

BUTTTTT for those that want to have a hammock in there place but can’t afford the space there are options if you have a big living room(YAY)

BUT if not we can dream instead

And cute ones too, I’ll also put down below hammocks for those that have a backyard and want a cute hammock to hang on some trees

So some of these prices are wacked but most are on the higher end

The first one I found in Houzz website and its called Weston outdoor hammock with wooden base, cream and has 4.5 stars retails: 229.59

The second one is from Target (YAYYYY) and its called 11 foot mesh hammock with 4 stars retails: 39.99

The third one is from Macys and its 50 percent off yayyyy and the name is Deluxe Duracord Rope Hammock with 5 stars retails: 170.00

The fourth one is from Target and named Aruba Hammock- Blue with 3.8 stars retails: 59.99

The fifth one is from Bed Bath and Beyond and named Pawleys Island Hammock Canopy in Bronze no reviews yet retails: 139.99

That is all I do these reviews for you so that you don’t have to and I hope you enjoy!!

Happy living Comment, Like, Follow, Eat, Live

Let me know your favorite seating areas and anything else you guys would like me to look for :))))

Also none of this stuff is sponsored I just do this for fun

All images were from the Macy, Target, Houzz and Bed Bath and Beyond websites


SO I was thinking about ways to make your life a little bit more positive and having positive vibes around your house hold and thought of throw pillows

Now I love throw pillows because they can give your house a nice look or can just make you feel better to have some decoration

Also you can sleep on the couch with a throw pillow and who doesn’t want that (honestly)

I chose minimal throw pillows from target that I thought were super cute but also have a little funk in them

Each retail around 15-20 dollars so its pretty affordable

Five plus bonus throw pillows to make you a little bit happier:

  1. HI/BYE pillow 
  2. Good Vibes
  3. Faux Fur Pillow(yay)
  4. Everyday is an adventure 
  5. Hello Sunshine
  6. EYE pillow

Thanksss everyone for reading Comment Share Like eat a cake 🙂 enjoy your day and enjoy these pillowsss!!!!!!

All images are from target website


IN THE MORNING: Home is where the Heart is 

A little back story so I was watching this documentary called the minimalist(its on Netflix btw) and it really did open my eyes and give me a change in perspective

They essentially talk about how we usually collect all this stuff most of which we don’t use or has no value to us and how we can de-clutter our lives and have happier ones as a result

I immediately went through my clothes and took out items I knew I wouldn’t wear and decided to donate them instead

But I did minimal things here and there because I do believe you can still have decor in your house that means something to you

Five item essentials to make your home and you(obviously) a little brighter and better:

  1. This Himalayan rock salt lamp is a must have for your room or living room. When my mom first bought this I was a bit skeptical but when its turned on and you touch it, you immediately become calm. It can clean the air around you and can be used when doing some meditation. Its not too bulky so it won’t take a lot of space in your house. Also its 16 bucks which is a steal (compared to reg price)!!Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.57.09 AM.png
  2. On the subject of Himalayan salt, there is also a cutting board which seems pretty cool and can also give a lot of flavor to your food! If your a foodie and love to cook this is definitely something to try out in a house or over the grill. I suggest getting the tray as well since the himalayan salt can get dirty. This retails for 30 dollars.Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 9.11.07 AM.png
  3. Blankets are probably one of my favorite things in the whole world and because of this I keep a few in the living room for myself and guest. I like really soft cozy ones but that can be affordable. Target is a great place to get your monies worth without putting a hole in your pocket.

    Items above by number: 1. 2. 3. 4.

  4. Candles!! They smell so good and can give you a relaxing vibe (if your in the mood). They also can give your room a cute look without being overwhelming. I personally love candles in my room. Just remember to turn them off. I usually prefer candles in jars.

Images above: 1. 2. 3.

5. Last but not least some plants or flowers are great to give your place a cute look without spending a bunch of dollarrss. Remembering to water a plant is sometimes a hard job but seeing it grow is actually really rewarding. You can get flowers and plant seeds at your local store. Down below I’ll show some of my favorite flowers/plants.

Image above: 1. 2.

AND thats is all Comment,like, share and tell me some of your favorite items and if you would like me to do more of these

(images from section 1 is from amazon, images from section two is William and Sonoma, images from section 3 and 4 from target and images from section 5 is home depot)


SOOO yayyyy it’s been a month or so that I have tried out these products and thought it would be a good time to give my update on them

Now for those of you that are probably reading this like what hair products I’ll leave a link right here

So starting off with the CHI INFRA shampoo I really like this product because it smells good almost like a cologne kind of smell and it’s not as sudsy as other shampoos I’ve tried it also cleans my hair really well. Also I use about two dime size of this product meaning this will last me a lifetime. ALSOOO THE 32 OZ IS ON SALEEEE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE 12 OZ ON ULTA!!!

The only negative thing that I have to say about this product is if I use like a treatment or product before using the shampoo my hair can feel kind of stiff after I wash it out but when I use it regularly it works good

The CURLS blueberry bliss leave in conditioner GAME CHANGERRRRR I’m in love with this stuff not only does it smell like blueberries(yum) it works so well on my hair and I don’t have to use a lot I usually use two quarter size on my hair and trust me when I say  usually use a lot of product in my hair (way more then two quarter sizes) but this stuff is BOMB and the SLIP is amazing

Carols Daughter sacred tiare fortifying conditioner another winning streak for me again its smells amazing and I like that it has a pump( I get lazy squeezing a bottle) and the slip on this is amazing I use about a palm size on my hair and it works wonders the only thing I’m sad about is that I wish they had a bigger size because I can see myself running out of this in about a month

SO THATS IT! LMK if you want me to do another random product try out I’ll love to experiment more on my hair on any products you would like me to try

Also what works for me might not work for you I have 3b/3c curly hair but all the ingredients on these products are safe and could work on anyones hair


(Image from Imessage Giphy )